3 Best Strategies for Keeping Animals Away from Your Lawn and Garden Next Spring

Prepare for Spring Gardening Now

Prepare for Spring Gardening Now

Depending on where you live, you may already be dreaming of warmer days and when you think about it, spring is only a few months away. If you are a gardener, it may be wise to start thinking about the spring now. Even though you may still be harvesting your fall and winter crops, you want to think ahead as well. Spring is when the bugs and the pests come out, and after a long winter, they are hungry. This does not bode well for your vegetable garden or your flowers. So, you want to act now during the colder months to keep the animals away from your lawn next spring.

 1. Keep it Clean

If your garden is done for the winter, clean it up. Do not leave old plant stalks or debris in your garden. By leaving your garden untended you are providing a place for insects to shelter through the colder months. If they live through the winter in your garden, they’ll be there snacking on it come springtime. The more insects in and around your garden, the more likely they are to attract animals, like skunks, that eat insects. It may also be valuable to make sure that you keep your plants trimmed back from your house. Plants close to your house provide shelter for pests and small animals. Trimming your plants now will help keep the pests away from your yard and home this winter and in the spring.

 You also want to keep your yard clean of debris. You want to clean up piles of items such as firewood or grass clippings. These things provide shelter to insects and animals. You don’t want to invite animals to overwinter in or around your yard. If they do spend the winter sheltering outside your garden shed, they’ll be overjoyed when you start planting or when things start blooming in the spring. It’ll be easy pickings.

2. Build a Fence

 If the ground isn’t frozen, now is a great time to build a fence. During the fall and winter, you’re not very busy in your yard, and you can devote more time to other tasks. By fencing your yard, you can deter a variety of animals. Make sure that your fence reaches the ground and does not have any gaps. You can even bury your fencing several inches into the ground to deter pests that might dig under it. If you are trying to repel deer, your fence will need to be very tall—at least 6 feet high and 8 feet is better.

3. Animal Repellents – Do Your Research Now

Now is the time to research and purchase animal repellent supplies, before you need them when it starts to warm up. Repellents are a great way to keep animals out of your yard and you have several options when it comes to the types of repellents.  Some things to consider are:

So, take the time to do a little research this winter and find one that repels your most problematic animals, is safe for your family, and suits your budget. As an option to consider, you can even make your own. Ivory soap, for example, repels a number of animals.

Researching animal repellents in the winter provides you the time to choose the right one. Getting your repellent in the winter also means that you can apply the repellent early, right at the end of winter, meaning  you can protect your yard from the start of the planting season.  Shake-Away provides a variety of all natural animal repellents. Whether you have problems with deer, rabbits, squirrels or other animals, they have a repellent for you.

By doing a few things this winter, you can help keep your yard animal free this spring. Clean up your garden and your yard to make them less attractive to pests. Consider building a fence, and go ahead buy the supplies, like repellents, that you’ll need in the spring.


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