3 Ways to Beat the Winter Gardening Blues


Garden Year Round to Beat the Winter Blues

For much of the United States the months of December through March are cold, gray and can be brutal.  The harsh winter weather makes it easy to understand folks suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and just plain old cabin fever.  To bring a little sunshine and hope for Spring to the mid-winter blues here are some things that gardeners and landscapers can  do to stay in the gardening groove while waiting for better weather:

  1.  Take up Bird Feeding – winter is tough on wild animals as well as on humans.  Food sources become scarce just when extra caloric energy is needed to keep warm.  Putting up a bird-feeder and keeping it provisioned with seed is an easy and enjoyable activity and it may attract some beautiful, bright colored birds to your yard.    Wouldn’t it be a thrill to see a bright red Cardinal at your feeder against the backdrop of white winter snow? To ensure that pesky squirrels are not hoarding all of the seed you place out for the birds, you may wish to use a squirrel proof feeder like those found here.
  2. Start Planning the Use of Evergreens in Your Landscaping – Evergreen trees can provide year round color to an otherwise bleak white winter landscape.  Plan your garden to include patches of the greens and blues that spruces and other evergreens can provide. Some berry plants like the American Cranberry may also be used to bring color to your yard in winter.  Berry plants may also help to naturally attract birds to your yard in winter.  Unfortunately, evergreens may also attract some unwanted visitors like deer.  If that is the case, you may wish to use a deer repellent on and around your plants.

  3. Give Houseplants a Try – A lush and living indoor garden can be a great way to keep your gardening spirit nurtured through the dark days of winter.  There is a variety of wonderfully colored and easy to grow plants that will not only brighten your home but may also enhance your outdoor landscaping when the growing season finally arrives.  If you are really into an indoor gardening experience, plant some indoor citrus plants like Meyer Lemon or Key Lime plants.  There are plenty of great resources on the web to help keep your indoor garden growing strong and producing color (and maybe even fruit!) all the year long.

On some cold, long winter days it seems like Spring will never come, but with the tips above it may be much easier to wait!  And when Spring does melt the snows and starts the seedlings pushing up through the soil, you can rely on Critter-repellent.com for all of your chemical-free critter repellent needs.



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