5 Easy to Grow Vegetable Plants

5 Easy to Grow Vegetable Plants

tomatoesGrowing a vegetable garden can be a very rewarding experience. Studies show that eating fresh, organic vegetables is wonderful for your health including your body and mind. There are some plants that can be a challenge to grow, but many of them are easy to plant, grow and harvest. For a successful garden this season try these 5 easy to grow vegetable plants:


These very popular garden staples are one of the easiest plants to grow. To make growing even easier selecting varieties that are determinate VS indeterminate will keep your tomato plants more compact and obedient. Tomatoes can be eaten fresh, prepared for long-term storage or frozen.

Green Beans

Stick with the bush variety of green beans and you will have no problems growing these snap-crisp veggies. These plants will yield 1 quart of beans per 1 square foot patch so consider staggering your planting times to make harvest time easier. Just like tomatoes, green beans can be eaten fresh off the plant, canned or frozen.


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Cucumbers grow on vines and for this reason many gardeners think they do not have enough room to grow cucumbers, but this is simply not true! In fact, cucumber plants do not need much room at all – if you think “up”. If you have a fence around your garden try planting them along the very edges. The sticky vines will naturally find their way up the fence. This will also work if you place temporary trellis fencing next to the plants. Harvest fresh cucumbers for use in salads or dips. Alternatively, these vegetables can be pickled or frozen.


Peppers are an easy plant to grow in your backyard garden or even in containers alongside your patio. The vast array of colors and sizes can add a unique quality to your flower beds, too. From the standard green bell to the fiery habanero these compact plants will provide you with a plentiful harvest in mid to late summer. Peppers can be eaten right of the plant, canned, frozen or dried. They do have a tendency to take on the flavor of their neighbor so take care to keep a few feet between your mild and hot peppers.


Popeye was right – spinach is good for you and it is one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden. Seeds can be planted directly into the soil as soon as it can be worked in the spring. The tender, vitamin packed leaves will be ready to harvest before summer arrives. You can even plant a second round in mid to late summer for an early fall harvest. Spinach is eaten fresh and can be frozen for use in meals that call for cooked spinach.

A successful garden is not only good for your health; it can be good for your soul.  Just imagine how wonderful it will be to bring a little summer into your kitchen by cooking up a batch of your homegrown green beans in the middle of winter. While it is a fact that all vegetables need sunshine and plenty of water to grow, by choosing the right plants you are all but guaranteed success. Satisfy your craving for fresh, organic vegetables by trying the 5 easy to grow vegetable plants above.

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