5 Interesting Facts About Skunks and How to Get Rid of Them

Skunk In Yard

Skunk in Yard

Skunks are infamous for leaving behind a nauseating stench in yards or under homes. These critters also nibble on all kinds of vegetation, causing much damage to gardens. There are ten species of skunks around the world, including the striped, spotted, hooded and hog-nose skunks, as well as the stink badger. These species show considerable variation in size and appearance. Of these, the striped skunk is primarily found in North America. Read on to discover some interesting facts about this creature, so that you are better aware of how to get rid of skunks from your yard.

1. Physical Characteristics

A skunk’s body is covered in black fur, with one or more white stripes on its back, head, tail, and even legs in some cases. Its sense of smell and hearing is extremely well-developed. However, this creature has very poor vision and suffers from near-sightedness.

2. Food Habits

Skunks go in search of food at night. These  omnivorous creatures mainly prey on honey bees, eggs, insects, rodents, reptiles, fish, and scavenge on dead animals. They also feed on vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli, fruits such as avocados, melons and berries, and roots such as potatoes and carrots.

3. Mating Habits

The mating season for skunks is in February. One male mates with multiple females. After a gestation period ranging between 7 and 10 weeks, a female skunk gives birth to anywhere between 2 and 10 babies in May. These young skunks are dependent on the mother for food and shelter, and live with her until the fall.

4. Defensive Behavior

The skunk is generally calm by nature. However, when it senses potential harm, it secretes a foul-smelling liquid from the anal glands under its tail. This helps to ward off predators such as wolves, foxes and dogs. The oily spray can go as far as 10 feet away. It does not cause any harm to other animals or humans, but the stink is very difficult to remove. Homeowners can avoid being sprayed by watching out for the telltale signs that precede the projection of the substance, such as foot-stamping, raised tail and arched back of the skunk.  After 5 to 8 secretions, the skunk needs a week to replenish the contents of its anal glands.

Skunk Repellent Strategy

All Natural Skunk Repellent

All Natural Skunk Repellent

A skunk’s sharp olfactory sense can be used to effectively get rid of skunks from gardens and homes. This strategy has been applied in a repellent product called Shake Away Small Critter Granules. It consists of granules infused with the urine scent of a fox, which is the top predator of skunks. When you spread these granules around the areas in your yard that are prone to skunk damage, the critter detects the scent and flees from the yard in fright. If you are wondering how to get rid of skunks from your yard, utilizing Shake-Away all natural skunk repellent is a very easy and effective repellent solution for you.


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