5 New Tips for Avoiding the Fall Rodent Infestation

Hungry Mouse

Keep Rodents Away this Winter

When winter sets it, you can be sure that your home is going to look pretty appealing to the local rodent population looking for shelter from the cold. You’ve already covered all the basics about removing exposed food sources, and getting all the holes in your house patched up. Need a few more great rodent-repelling tips? Keep reading, and you’ll have your house mouse-free in no time.

1 Check Hidden Places Often

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to catch an invasion early. Never assume that you’ll see obvious signs of mice during your usual daily routine. Take time every other day to poke around under cabinets and behind boxes.

2 Turn Up the Music

Actually, any noise will suffice. Invading mice like quiet and private places to explore and will be turned off by noisy parts of your house. Leave a radio or TV running in places like the basement or garage to help deter them from coming in.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just the usual radio station will do. You can occasionally shift the position of the radio around so the sound isn’t always coming from exactly the same location which helps keep them from getting too bold.

3 Empty Traps Immediately

Get Rid of Mice

Get Rid of Mice

If you are using the usual mechanical traps to nab your rodent intruders, don’t just set them and forget them. You need to check on them very frequently and dispose of their contents once they’ve caught something. The smell of a dead mouse will inevitably attract more pests, even after just a single day.

Even if you are using live traps, this still still an important tip. Their smell, along with any urine or feces they produce while trapped, is a potent signal to other mice or other rodents.

4 Get a Cat

It may be more work than you’re ready for, but having a predator living in the house can be a significant measure in keeping mice and rats out of your house. A pampered housecat may not do much in terms of actual hunting, so don’t expect your new pet to clear out any existing rodent populations. The smell of a cat can be all you need. Just make sure not to leave their food bowls sitting out with uneaten food for too long, or you can end up with more of an attractant than a solution.

Watch your cat’s behaviour too. Are they paying a lot of attention to some back corner of the kitchen, or scratching at a bookcase? Start checking for hidden mouse lairs.

5 Use a Good Repellent

Hopefully, with all your diligent attention to keeping the vermin out, you won’t need any more help. But a good natural repellent can still go a long way. Shake-Away mouse or rodent repellent is simple to use, and just needs to be spread around the spots where you think the mice are getting in. The granular formula is clean and easy to apply with just a shake of the canister.


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