Armadillos – 5 Interesting Facts

The Nine Banded Armadillo of North America

Armadillos are among the most unique looking animals likely to be encountered in North America.  The name “Armadillo” means “The Little Armoured One” in Spanish and refers to the animal’s segmented leathery protective shell that covers its back from the base of the head to the base of the tail.

Because of the Armadillo’s propensity for digging for food and creating tunnels for shelter, the animal is considered a destructive nuisance when it comes in close proximity with human habitation.  Interesting facts about the Armadillo:

1) Armadillos can vary in color and may be pinkish, dark-brown, black, red, gray or yellowish.   The adult nine-banded armadillo, the only kind to live in North America, is typically gray or brown.

2) Armadillos were once a popular food source.  Particularly during the depression, armadillos were hunted as a food source and even earned the moniker of “poor man’s pork”.  Additionally, the armadillo was referred to as “Hoover’s hog” as a sarcastic swipe towards the then President Herber Hoover who was widely thought to be responsible for the great depression.  Though occasionally consumed today, a meal of armadillo is considered a novelty meal.

3) Armadillos are nearly blind and deaf and rely on their keen sense of smell to monitor their environment.  Some evidence suggests that an armadillo’s sense of smell is sensitive enough to detect potential food sources up to 9″ underground.

4) Though being called the “nine banded” armadillo, the North American inhabitant rarely has 9 actual bands in its armor.  Adding to the evidence that the armadillo is a magnet for less than desirable names is it being called “red neck speed bump”, a title it earned in the American south.

5) Though consider generally harmless and using escape as its first line of defense, the armadillo is not without offensive weaponry.  The screaming hairy armadillo (yes, that is actually what it is called) gets its name from the sound it makes when threatened. Additionally, the animal has been witnessed throwing its body on top of a snake and killing the snake by cutting it with the sharp edges of their shell.

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