Biggest Animal Problems by Season

Seasonal Animal Behavior Effects on Property

Homeowners all across the country have to deal with wild animals disturbing the beauty of their landscape. Sometimes it can seem like you are just getting the problem under control when a new one emerges. Animal behavior changes along with the seasons, so it stands to reason that any animal problems a homeowner faces will change with the seasons, too. It can be stressful trying to figure out the best way to protect your home from animals during the different seasons.

Rodents in Winter

Mouse and Rodent Repellent

Get Rid of Mice and Rodents

As the temperatures decrease, animals naturally look for a warm place to spend the upcoming winter months. Unfortunately, all too often the warm place is inside your home. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, and mice are often found living in the attic. Rodents are not only a nuisance, they have been known to cause house fires by chewing through wires. Using Shake-Away Rodent Repellent as a deterrent can help keep rodents out of the house. It is completely safe to use around children, pets, and plants so it can be used safely and effectively in and around the areas you want to treat.

Springtime Deer

It is common for deer to forage for food on lawns and in gardens in the spring, because this is where greenery first appears. When a deer is first spotted in the garden, many people are awe-struck. They seem to be so peaceful and having them near seems like a blessing. But then you begin to notice extensive damage to the flowers, trees and shrubbery. It won’t take long for a herd of deer to destroy a flowerbed or garden. Deer have a strong sense of smell, and are very nervous creatures. The coyote is their number one danger in the wild. Shake-Away naturally mimics the scent of coyote urine and works wonders at keeping deer off your property.

Rabbits in the Summer

Rabbit In Yard

Rabbit in Yard

It’s hard to think of any animal that is harder on a vegetable garden than a rabbit. In addition to that, most vegetable plants are wonderful places for a rabbit to hide from both predators and the homeowner. A female rabbit can give birth every month. So, by the time summer rolls around, the rabbit population will be at a point where it can cause significant damage to a flower bed or vegetable garden. It’s easy to keep them from destroying your garden, though. Shake-Away Rabbit Repellent is a highly effective natural rabbit repellent that needs only to be sprinkled on the ground in order to keep rabbits and other small mammals at bay.

Fall Preparations

Some city-dwelling animals hibernate in winter. The groundhog and raccoon will be busy during the Fall months stocking up on food so they can survive the winter. Some animals will become more aggressive when searching for winter stores, so it is important to take steps to repel them as early as possible. Once they find what they consider a good source of food, they will not want to leave it. Shake-Away uses the scent of fox urine to keep these small critters off your property.


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