Using Cat Behavior to Get Rid of Them

Feral Cats

Feral Cats Can Be a Health Hazard

Cat lovers around the world will assure you that their feline friends make the perfect pets. A well trained house cat can be a fine companion, but stray cats tend to be a major nuisance. Feral cats comprise a considerable problem in many cities and suburban areas, especially for homeowners who want to keep their gardens, yards, and families safe. The best way to get rid of cats from your property is to better understand their behavior and use that knowledge to your advantage.

 Do Not Feed Strays

Stray cats are always on the lookout for a meal. If they find a food source near your home to which they can keep coming back, you will most certainly have a feral cat problem on your hands. To discourage stray cats from making your yard into their favorite restaurant, be sure that any outdoor garbage containers are securely closed at all times. If you have pets, feed them indoors or near the home where food dishes can be put away after your pets have eaten.

Use Landscaping to Deter Cats

Some smart landscaping techniques can make cats think twice before using your garden as their bathroom or searching your yard for a meal. Feral cats dislike the strong odors of many plants, including garlic, lemon thyme, rue, and geraniums. Avoid using plants in gardens near your home with scents that attract cats, such as mint or honeysuckle.

Cats do not like to walk on uncomfortable surfaces, so you can keep them out of your gardens by installing chicken wire. Another option is to use garden mulch made from pine cones, prickly leaves, rose clippings, and other organic material that feline intruders will not want to walk on. Some of the best cat deterrents also make excellent fertilizer for your flowers such as eggshells and coffee grounds. Using river rocks to decorate the ground of your flower beds is also effective since cats like to dig and will have to look elsewhere to do so.

Wash Away Cat Spray

Cats often spray urine to mark their territory and leave their scent behind. These smells are both very unpleasant to humans and attractive to other cats. Washing away the spray will discourage cats from coming back, but avoid using bleach since its smell attracts cats. Odor neutralizing products specifically designed for cleaning away animal urine are best for getting rid of cat urine scent.

Coordinate with Neighbors

If feral cats have become a serious problem in your area, your neighbors are likely to be also looking for method to get rid of cats . Speak to members of your community about keeping their garbage secure from cats and not leaving out other food sources. If you do not work together, your best efforts to keep cats away from your home may not be effective.

Use Natural Cat Deterrent

All Natural Cat RepellentShake-Away Domestic Cat Deterrent is a non-toxic product that naturally keeps cats out of your yard using predator scents. These granules are easy to apply and not messy, so you will not damage your garden in any way. It is an effective, natural way to get rid of cats from your home and property.


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