How to Keep Cats out of My Flower Beds

How to Keep Cats out of My Flower Beds

Keep Cats Out of Your Flowerbed

Keep Cats Out of Your Flowerbed

Cats are a favorite pet for many homeowners. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) approximately 47% of all households in the United States have at least one cat. That means one out of every two homes on your block or in your neighborhood is home to a feline pet. And while many cat owners keep their animals indoors, many of them roam free during the day and night. Much to chagrin of pet owners and pet neighbors alike, our feline friends have a tendency to use our flowerbeds as their personal potty. If you have cats living with you or in your neighborhood you probably have a need to learn how to keep cats out of your flowerbeds.

With so many pet owners there are a lot of great methods that have been used to keep cats out of the flower gardens, or at least keep cats from using them as a litter box.

Hardscaping is one of the many ways gardeners can use to deter cats from flowerbeds.  This can entail spreading wood chips or landscaping rocks over the exposed soil. If you choose these methods be certain to cover all exposed soil. Other hardscaping materials you can try include fine wire mesh, coconut hulls and hazelnut shells.

Motion activated sprinkler systems can be effective, as well.  These work by shooting a stream of water in the direction of the cat. There are several to choose from and pricing can range from $30 to over $100.

Incorporating plants that cats find undesirable is another eco-friendly cat deterrent. There is one plant in particular that cats detest, Rue. Rue has beautiful blue-green foliage and blossoms in early summer showcasing pretty yellow flowers. Other plants to try are lavender and geraniums and, of course, thorny rose bushes will keep your gardens unattractive to cats.

Using homemade repellents from the kitchen is another technique often used by gardeners to keep cats out of flowerbeds. Some are as simple as sprinkling crushed red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper powder throughout the beds.

Shake-Away Critter Repellent is another safe and effect method. All you need to do is shake the granules on the exposed soil in your flowerbeds. Shake-Away’s patented blend of natural ingredients, including predator urine will do the rest.

Shake-Away is all natural, safe for your pets and plants and is cost effective. It doesn’t matter if the problem lies with your pets or your neighbor’s pets Shake-Away Critter Repellent will help keep cats out of your flowerbeds.

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