Creative Ways to Apply Shake-Away

Our customers are very creative in how they use Shake-Away animal repellents! As an example, a testimonial that we recently received reads as follows:

Muslin Cloth

E. wrote:
I love your product. It works, but you must be vigilant. I put the granules in muslin sachet bags and place or hang the bags in strategic areas. I like these bags because I can use them again & again, dump the old & put in new granules. The pull-tie closure allows me to hang the bags using “S” hooks. Also, these bags are moisture resistant and this fabric absorbs and holds the scent. The bags are not expensive. I buy mine from the SF Herb Company. Thanks to your company & products, I have controlled my raccoon problem.

Monica’s idea is a great way to get the most out of using Shake-Away. Placing the product inside a porous material, the active ingredient/scent can still escape, while using a “bag”  makes it possible for you to “hang” or place the product where you need it most.

In addition to using Sachet Bags, other customers have used cut up pieces of nylon stockings and covered containers with cut out holes in the sides.

Why would you want to use a bag like Monica describes? And does sell other products that would allow you to place the product right where you want it?

Shake-Away Repellent Packs

Deer Damage to Trees and Shrubs:
Sometimes animals are browsing on plants that have leaves, fruit and flowers that are above ground level. The lower branches and shoots of shrubs and trees are often targeted by Deer. By placing the product higher off the ground and closer to the areas you are trying to protect, the product’s scent can travel through the air more efficiently while being strongest at the point most likely to be damaged.

For “above ground level” protection, our Deer Repellent Packs are a great solution. When you need to Keep Deer Away from your Shrubs or Trees, check out our Deer Repellent Packs. They feature packaging that easily hangs with just a twist tie. Shake-Away repellent is placed inside the packs’ water resistant lining that allows the scent to be released through its special permeable lining.

Animal Problems in Other Hard To Get To Areas:
In other situations, animals can take up residence in hard to get to places. For example, some animals would love the opportunity to take up residence where it is warm and dry. Their favorite targets include your:

  1. Attic
  2. Basement
  3. Under Sheds
  4. Under Decks

In those situations, you may have a squirrel, chipmunk, woodchuck. possum or raccoon that is trying to establish a new home in an area that may not be easy for you to get to.

This is where an idea like Monica’s can be very helpful. Placing the product in a package that can be “tossed” into the area being invaded makes applying the product much easier. Muslin bags certainly would work in that situation. Stocking Ball Kit

As an effective alternative, sells a ready to use “Stocking Ball Kit” that provides materials for up to 15 stocking balls. A stocking ball is a golf ball sized portion of Shake-Away that is placed in a cut off nylon stocking. The stocking is tied on both ends and then can be tossed into place.
Stocking ball kits are great for getting rid of squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons from those hard to get to places.

Thanks Monica for sharing a great tip on how to get more out of the use of Shake-Away!

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