Easy Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Harvest Season

Preparing Your Garden for Harvest Season

Bowl of Colorful Fall Harvest

Bowl of Colorful Fall Harvest

Congratulations! You’ve planted a successful garden and are starting to see the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labor sprouting from the ground. As your garden grows closer and closer to harvest time, it’s best to keep a few routines and tips in mind.

Know What You’ve Grown

It’s crucial to keep track of what you’ve planted and how to care for each different plant. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep the seed packet so you know what to expect. Different types of plants and even different types of fruit or vegetable can grow and ripen at different rates.

Keep in mind how long your different plants will take to grow, how big they will grow, and when you can finally enjoy eating them. You can learn a lot from the Farmer’s Almanac as to what to expect from your plants.

Take a basket out to your garden or gardens every day to see what is ripening and what has ripened. Picking produce as soon as it is ripe will encourage your plants to produce more before the season is over.

Tools of the Trade

As with almost any other set of tools, the sharper the better. Before you start using your gardening tools, make sure they are sharp, clean and ready to use. You’ll save time and effort in the long run, and your garden will thank you. Making sure your tools are in tip top shape after each time you use them will make them last for years to come.

Protect Your Hard Work

Look out for signs of trouble in your garden or gardens. Yellowing or spotty leaves, rotting fruit, blossom end rot and cracking are all signs of trouble. Take the time to look through your plans and remove the problem parts. Even if it’s something you can’t do anything to fix, there’s no point in letting the plant put energy into produce you won’t be able to eat.

Control weeds before they flower and spread their seed. After you remove any weeds, cover the newly weed-free area with mulch to keep help prevent weeds from returning.

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Shake Away

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