Green Ways to Get Rid of Mice and Other Rodents

Common Mouse

Common Mouse

Whether you have rodents in your home or garden, you know that they can be a nuisance. Mice and rats will eat your food, contaminate your home, and damage your wires, walls, insulation, and more. You have several options when it comes to keeping the rodents away. You can use poisons or traps, or you can use green, humane methods.

The Drawbacks to Poisons and Traps

 Rat poison is very dangerous, and it should not be used around pets or children. Rodents that ingest poison might end up dying in your house, and they may die in hard to reach places. A decomposing rodent smells horrible and invites disease into your home.

 Traps kill some of the rodents, but they typically don’t kill all of them. Traps can help give you temporary relief by killing a few of the rodents and reducing their numbers, but then the surviving rodents will simply have more babies. Rodents reproduce quickly, and you’ll soon have a large number once again.

4 Green Alternatives to Keep Rodents Away

Fortunately, if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals or cruel traps, there are several green alternatives that you can use to keep the rodents away from your home and garden.

  • Seal it Up

Problems with Mice in Your House?

Problems with Mice in Your House?

If you have rodents in your home, you will want to check your walls (inside and out) for any cracks or holes. Mice can get in through very small holes, so you will want to seal everything, even if you think there is no way something could fit through them. In addition to sealing your home, seal up your food too. Make sure that things like cereal are kept in airtight containers, and do not leave food out on your counters overnight. Lastly, seal up your trash and keep it away from your house if possible. Mice are attracted to the smell of old food, and this makes your trash very enticing. If you keep your trash cans near your home, you’re inviting rodents to get closer to your home, which might lead to more rodents inside your home.

  • Add Some Peppermint

 Another natural alternative is to deter rodents with peppermint oil. Rodents have very sensitive noses, and many people find that the strong scent of peppermint oil confuses and deters them. Add a few drops of the oil to cloths or cotton balls and place them around entrances and anywhere you think a mouse might come inside. You can even plant mint in your vegetable garden to deter rodents.

  • Invite the Owls

 If you know you have owls in your area, you might want to build an owl box to attract them to your property. Owls eat mice and other rodents, and they can help you keep the population under control. Barn owls, especially, are known for eating mice, and you can build a barn owl box just for them.

  •  Try a Rodent Repellent

 You can also try a natural rodent repellent. Repellents are better than traps because these products will repel all of the rodents, rather than simply killing a few. Repellents will need to be reapplied periodically. Natural repellents, such as Shake-Away’s Rodent Repellent, can be used in your home and around your property to keep rodents away. It’s safe to use around your pets and your kids, and it features a mixture of natural oils that rodents can’t stand.

 As you can see, you have a variety of green options when it comes to keeping rodents away from your home and property.



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