Natural Animal Repellents vs. Chemical Repellents

Natural Animal Repellents or Chemical Repellents. Which is right for your garden?

Natural Animal Repellents or Chemical Repellents. Which is right for your garden?

Ridding your lawn and gardens of animal pests is one garden chore that most every homeowner must tackle once in a while. After all, we garden outdoors where animals live. From the tiny chipmunk to the very large white tail deer who have been know to weigh in excess of 200 pounds, the animals that may seek shelter and nourishment in your garden can quickly destroy your flowers, vegetables and landscaping plants. The challenge is to make your gardens as unattractive to animals as possible. In the quest to find the best solution many people turn to repellents. From here it becomes a question of natural animal repellents VS chemical repellents.


There are a great variety of chemical repellents on the market today. These types of repellents can be very effective but their negatives far outweigh their positives.


While you may find a few chemical repellents on store shelves the most effective products can only be applied by a licensed pest control professional. This will increase your costs considerably.

Restricted Use

In many cases chemical repellents cannot be applied to vegetables that you intend to harvest in the near future. In some cases, you will not want to use them on any fruits and vegetables at all.

Harmful to Animals, Children and Pets

Adding chemicals to your natural environment will not only deter the animals you are targeting, but they can be harmful to young children or pets that get into your garden, as well.


Natural animal repellents work by utilizing scents and tastes to repel animals from your gardens and landscaping. They, too, can be very effective; however, contrary to the chemical repellents it’s the positives that outweigh the negatives when it comes to natural animal repellents.


Some of the most effective repellents utilize common kitchen items such as garlic, hot peppers and vinegar making potentially making the cost of natural repellents as low as $5.

No Use Restrictions

For most natural repellents you will find no use restrictions. This is because they use all natural ingredients that are usually not harmful for consumption. Always follow directions for the product that you choose.

Safe for Animals, Children and Pets

When you choose a natural repellent over a chemical repellent you can be sure that in the process of protecting your petunias, you have not caused harm to the animals or your family.

Choosing a natural repellent, such as Shake-Away Critter Repellent, to safeguard your plantings is the best choice if you care about protecting, not only your gardens and landscaping, but your family, too. Shake-Away’s all natural, organic formula has been proven to repel all types of garden pests. The easy to apply powder repellent can be targeted to specific plants saving you both money and time.

As you formulate a plan to rid your gardens and landscaping of unwanted animal visits please use the information above to assist you in choosing between natural animal repellents VS chemical repellents.

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