Natural Insect Control for Your Garden

Lady Bugs are generally consider helpful to your garden

Lady Bugs are generally consider helpful to your garden

Insects can be our friends or our enemies in the garden. Many insects use your flowers and plants as their source of food and that can cause problems. However not all insects wreak havoc in your garden. Many of the insects you see in your garden are beneficial to pollination and i the elimination of the bad bugs.

Here are five insects that are beneficial in your garden:

  1. Ladybugs and Hover flies are attracted to flower and feed on nectar and pollen.
  2. Predatory Bugs, including ambush bugs, minute pirate bugs,  and assassin bugs prey on many insects like spider mites, many insects’ eggs, caterpillars, tomato hornworms, nymphs, and corn earworms.
  3. Hunting and parasitic wasps often attack the eggs of pests, and are one of the most important insect groups that provide control of garden pests.
  4. Ground beetles feed on slugs, snails, cutworms, root maggots, and Colorado potato beetle larvae.
  5. Spiders feed on insects and are very important in preventing pest outbreaks.

Harmful insects destroy your garden, eat your fruits and plants, and ruin your flowers. Here are five insects that can harm your garden:

  1. Aphids feed on sap in shoots, leaves,buds and flowers, which causes distortion and cupping.
  2. Colorado Potato Beetle strip the foliage right down to the leaf veins
  3. Crucifer Flea Beetle feed on cole crops and other crucifers, radishes and turnips
  4. Grasshoppers chew on vegetation and will eat any type of vegetation they can

Here are actions you can take to get rid of insects naturally:

  • Establish acceptable pest levels.
  • Take preventive cultural measures.
  • Monitor and look for the presence of pests.
  • Add physical controls like plucking off leaves that have been affected by the pests.
  • Use biological controls like “good bugs” against some insects.
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One of the best ways to control pests in your garden is to encourage their natural enemies, the good bugs. Planting nectar and pollen plants that the beneficial insects feed on and use for protection can be very beneficial for them and for your garden. The god insects will help in pollinating crops and devouring pests that harm your garden.

Being familiar with the insects in your garden is the best solution when it comes to preventing infestation of bugs. The use of pesticides can be very harmful to you, to your garden and to other animals. Incorporate a variety of plants that attract the good bugs and let nature do it’s work.

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