Why Natural Oils Repel Mice

Why Natural Oils Repel Mice

Mice are Not Healthy in Your Home

Mice are Not Healthy in Your Home

 Mice are amongst the most bothersome of household pests. They are extremely invasive, can sneak into your home through tiny, nearly imperceptible spaces, and mice tend to come in large numbers. These vermin are also known to bring disease and filth with them, so you should make it a priority to keep them out of your home.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Mice are very good at staying hidden. In fact, you may only realize you have a mouse problem after you find their droppings or the destructive results of their presence in your house.

As important as it is to get rid of mice, however, many folks wish to ensure that they take a natural approach to pest control. Poisons can be dangerous for your family and pets. Some individuals would rather not use glues or traps because of ethical concerns. But natural oils offer a safe, healthy, and non-lethal approach that is still effective.

 How do natural oils work? How can you use them in your home?

 Natural Oil Scents that Mice Dislike

Mice have a keen sense of smell. That sense is what brings them into your home in search of food. But you can use their sense against them as a powerful repellent method. That is because mice strongly dislike the scents of certain natural oils, especially peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus. Since these scents are typically pleasing to most people, using them as pest repellent is a win-win situation.

 Natural Oils as Repellents

 To use natural oils in your home as repellents, follow these steps:

  • Purchase essential oils. Make sure you buy 100% essential oils, not extracts or cooking oils. Essential oils are often sold as aromatherapy or massage products.

  • Apply the oil to cotton balls. Add just a few drops of oil to each cotton ball. This should be enough to lightly dampen the cotton, not to soak it completely.

  • Place the cotton balls where mice enter the home. One or two cotton balls in cupboards where mice hide, near entrances to the home where you have seen mice, or in other vulnerable areas can deter them effectively.

Repellent Products that Include Natural Oils

Shake-Away All Natural  Mouse Repellent

Shake-Away All Natural Mouse Repellent

While using natural oils yourself can be effective, natural repellent products that feature a variety of scent-based repellent ingredients are even better. Shake-Away Mouse Repellent is made of granules that contain a  proprietary blend of essential oils known to repel mice. That combination of scents is extremely effective in scaring these pests away.

 There are many ways you can keep mice out of your home, but a natural approach is best. Using natural oils and repellent products that repel mice with natural scents is an effective way to keep these vermin away from your home.

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