Organic, Natural and Chemical Free: What Those Terms Mean For Animal Repellents

It is likely painful for gardeners to imagine their plant beds being destroyed by animals. They do their best to shield their gardens from hungry birds and crude wild animals. They install fences, traps, and just about any device that they can think of, just to keep their trees and plants protected.

However, fences and traps are not always a great and effective solution. They are unsightly and time consuming, as well.  Much of the time, small animals like squirrels, rabbits and raccoons are able to dig around the fences’ posts. When that is the case, a more effective alternative is needed.

Animal repellents, such as raccoon, rabbit and squirrel repellents can be a gardener’s best friend. They are very useful in keeping away rodents, birds, as well as small and large animals. Animal repellents are made to fend off animals without causing them harm. Usually, repellents utilize tastes and odors that are repulsive to the animal pest.

Types of Repellents

Animal repellents vary according to how they are used and the way they work. Some use foul-tasting ingredients, such as hot peppers, while some products make use of ultrasonic waves to keep off pests.

The following are some of the most popular products used to get rid of deer and other animals:

Hot Pepper Repellent – formulated using hot peppers, this product may be effective in keeping away small animals and insects.

Ultrasonic Repellent – a modern product that uses ultrasonic sensor to detect stray animals like skunks, wild dogs, cats, deer, bats, and other animals. It is a lightweight, weather-resistant instrument, which can be easily installed anywhere in the yard.

Shake-Away All Natural Animal Repellent

Shake-Away All Natural Animal Repellent

Shake-Away Animal Repellent – this is a highly-effective product that uses an all natural, organic ingredient: predator urine. Shake-Away comes in granule form, which you simply scatter around your garden area. The granules emit a scent derived from urine of predators, such as fox and coyote. Using the strongest force in nature, the  animal’s inborn natural fear of predators, the smaller, weaker animals  believe that the area is already “marked” by a predator. Thus, the invading animals are kept at bay. It may be the perfect solution for getting rid of skunks and other nuisance animals.

Organic, Natural Repellents

Not all animal repelling products are ideal for gardens, especially if you have edible crops. Chemical sprays are not recommended for use in vegetable beds. Not only are some chemical sprays harmful to the plants, they may also leave toxic residue that can be ingested by humans.

Lettuce in the Garden

Lettuce in the Garden

An effective alternative is to go natural, organic, and chemical-free. Organic, natural and chemical-free are virtually the same things. They are safe to use in the garden since they do not contain a trace of chemical that can be harmful to your health. Organic, natural animal repellents only use ingredients that are derived from nature. Examples of this are the hot pepper repellent and Shake-Away Animal Repellent granules.

So, the next time you need to ward off those pesky animals, you may wish to consider using a product that will not only keep away animal pests, but is safe for your plants as well.

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