Help! There a Possum in My Yard!

Got Possum? Get Rid of It Now!

Got Possum? Get Rid of It Now!

An opossum is generally not an aggressive animal, but it will defend itself when in danger and it tends to be very unpredictable. A few of its defensive strategies include: showing off its sharp claws and teeth and release an offensive fluid from its anal glands. There are a few health risks associated with having opossums in your yard including diseases like:

  • spotted fever
  • leptospirosis
  • toxoplasmosis
  • chagas disease
  • tuberculosis
  • relapsing fever
  • rabies in rare cases

Opossums also carry a lot of parasites including:

  • ticks
  • mites
  • fleas
  • lice

All of which can be transmitted to your pets and other people.

Opossums love man made spaces because they are a safe haven away from their predators and there is constant food source in the area. Opossums may also enter into areas inhabited by humans to find a den site to use for birthing their young. Once a possum finds a site, it will become its permanent home. Opossums are very comfortable around humans and our habitat because of its adaptability.

There are several effective ways to get rid of opossums including:

  • making sure that the grass in our yard is well maintained
  • remove grass clippings/debris and piles wood

  • trash cans are secure

  • keep pet food secure in compost containers

Ultrasonic sound emitters, mothballs, ammonia, predator urine and trapping/removal help in getting rid of these animals as well. Predator urine is known as one of the most effective repellent for opossums. Shake-Away Opossum repellent is the only one of its kind that uses the genuine marking tool of its number one predator, the fox. Shake-Away’s unique formula uses the fox’s urine in granular form.  Shake-away repellent is very safe to use around children and pets and uses only natural and organic ingredients. No poison, no traps, no chemicals, no harm, no mess and very easy to use!

Generally, possums are non aggressive and non destructive. They will not attack anything that is not a food source and is not a threat to them. Preventing infestation is alway the best solution, but when this process fails, Shake-away repellent can help get rid of possum effectively.







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