Are Possums Dangerous? How Do I Keep Them Out of My Yard?

Many homeowners face the problem of pests invading their garden. In certain areas of the United States, possums are one of the animals you may encounter digging around your garden. They enjoy eating insects of all kinds, but can cause a problem if they enter your yard because they may dig and disrupt the growth of new or established plants in your soil. When this occurs, you will probably want to know how to get rid of possums.

Are Possums Dangerous?


Get Rid of Possums

One of the first questions home gardeners ask when they discover possums in their garden or shed is whether these animals are dangerous. Possums are not dangerous, although they can seem more than able to defend themselves when feeling threatened. In reality, the possum is a harmless animal that carries defense mechanisms that include looking ferocious when threatened and the ability to play dead. The latter is a natural instinct that the possum cannot control.


Repelling Possums
While many people may look for any way under the sun to remove possums from their yard, the best methods are those that are completely natural and cruelty-free. In utilizing a possum repellent, you are ensuring that the animal is not harmed, you will not have to deal with the horrible experience of getting rid of a corpse and your garden and family, pets included, will be kept safe and free of poisonous chemicals. There are certain substances that are excellent to use for eliminating possums from your garden.

Shake Away

Natural Possum Repellent

All Natural Possum Repellent

Shake Away is a completely chemical free product that is affordable and all natural. It is a bottle of granules that carry the scent of natural enemies of animals that typically invade your garden, including foxes and coyotes. It is safe to use around your pets and children and will not cause a mess in your yard.

Animal Urine

Essentially, possums and other critters that invade your garden can easily be frightened away by the scent of predator urine. The fox is a natural enemy of possums, but it’s unlikely you will ever have that on hand. You can use dog urine if you have a dog. You can use newspaper soiled with dog urine in your garden as a means of frightening off possums. Cat urine will also work. You can scoop out cat litter from your cat’s litter box and spread it around the garden. In no time, you will notice that the possums will disappear.

Ammonia and Mothballs

Another household item that works well in repelling possums is ammonia. The substance has a naturally repugnant scent that will have the animals scurrying the other way. To use this method, you can soak some rags in ammonia and place them around your garden. Mothballs also work well in repelling possums.

Ultrasonic Sound Emitters

Ultrasonic sound emitters can also work to repel possums from your yard. They give off a sound that only animals can hear and have been proven effective, although if you have pets, they may not enjoy this method. You may also have to use the emitter over an extended period, as possums may reappear.

All natural methods are typically the best for repelling possums and other pests. In the long run, you will be glad you took the cruelty-free route. Shake Away is a product you should definitely consider if you are unwilling to try other do-it-yourself remedies.

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