Prepare Your Property for Fall Animal Invasions

This Fall Protect Your Home and Property from Invading Animals

This Fall Protect Your Home and Property from Invading Animals

For much of the United States the Fall season is the time of harvesting, back to school and preparation for the Holidays.  Families are busy and may not be aware that Fall also represents changes in animal behaviors that may result in new types of damage to their home and property.  Fast, effective strategies for protection against invading animals is important.  This article discusses three potential Fall animal dangers and ways to prevent them.

1. Rodents Invade Your Home Seeking Warmth in the Fall

Rodents look for warm, safe places to avoid the coming cold weather.  That means mice and other vermin that may be satisfied living outside during the summer start moving into homes for the winter.  Mice, squirrels, rats and other rodents chew on wires, urinate and defecate on and around food preparation areas as well as destroying food stores.

How to Protect Your Home from Rodents

Utilize an all natural rodent repellent like Shake-Away indoor rodent repellent.  Shake-Away utilizes a proprietary blend of organic oils that are scientifically formulated to aggravate the senses of all rodents. The vapors discharged by the granules are a powerful irritant that disorients the invading rodent’s sensitive nervous system, all the while smelling pleasant to humans.

2. Deer are More Active and Need More Nutrition in the Fall

In the Fall deer become more active.  It is their mating season and the season during which they need to add extra body fat to help them survive the cold and lack of food during winter.  The new pressures mean that deer may be more assertive about coming into areas with human population to access nourishment from gardens and landscapes.  That means ruined gardens and destroyed trees.

How to Protect Your Property from Deer in Fall

Utilize a well engineered deer fence to protect your garden plot.  A good deer fence includes the following elements:

  • A height of 7 to 10 feet

  • Includes an electrical deterrent

Deer are incredible jumpers and to assure that they can’t find their way over your fence it needs to be at least 7 feet tall.  Electric deer fencing is reasonably affordable and provides the additional deterrent of providing curious deer a stinging shock when they touch it.  Any deer fence can be made more effective when enhanced with the addition of Deer Repellent Packs.

3. Small Animals Look to Build Body Fat for the Winter

Small critters such as woodchucks and skunks utilize the Fall season to pack on body weight to help them survive the cold, food-poor winter months ahead.  That means that your ripening vegetable garden makes a very attractive, nutrient-rich source of food.  In addition to your vegetables being attractive, the ripening plants attract many of the insects and bugs that are the preferred food of small animals. While hunting for the insects and bugs, invading animals ruin your garden without ever eating one vegetable.

How to Protect Your Garden from Small Critters in Fall

Harvesting your garden in a timely manner and disposing of any over-ripened vegetables helps keep the number of bugs and insects to a minimum and therefore makes your garden less attractive to small animals.  Additionally, keeping stalks and other refuse cleaned up from in and around your garden minimizes the potential hiding spots for invading animals. Less cover means more danger to skittish critters.

With your garden well tended, using an all natural small-critter repellent like Shake-Away will guarantee that your garden stays critter free.  Simply sprinkling the 100% chemical free Shake-Away granules around the area you wish to protect convinces critters that their most feared predator is lurking near by.

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