Preparing Your Yard for Autumn’s Pest Animal Activity

Rabbit in Garden

Rabbits Are Active Preparing for Autmumn

Autumn is a lovely time of year during which the temperature drops and the hot days of summer melt into cool evenings. Of course, there are also lots of yard and garden pests that look forward to the autumn and become quite active during the season. If you want to keep your yard, garden, and home safe from invading pests, apply the following tips.  

 Keep Your Yard Clean and Tidy

Prevention is the absolute best method of pest control. Many small mammals, such as

  • squirrels
  • mice
  • rats

are busy foraging for food during the fall. If you leave summer garden debris in your yard, they are sure to find it and search for a great meal. While doing so, they will also damage your yard by burrowing, leaving behind waste, and eating everything they can find.

Rabbits are also known to cause a lot of damage during fall as they search for food. Like many other small animals, however, they dislike large open areas. Discourage rabbits from living in your yard during autumn and damaging your plants by getting rid of junk piles, brush heaps, and weed patches.

Trim Plants Away from the Home

Make an effort to trim trees and shrubs regularly during the fall to reduce the amount of pests you have to contend with. It is especially important to remove foliage and yard debris from around your home’s foundation. Moles, mice, squirrels, and other small rodents are often searching for warm shelter during fall and winter and will quickly take up residence in your home if they find a way in. Be especially mindful of trimming shrubs and plants near doors and other entrances to the home.

Make Your Yard Inhospitable to Pests

There are a few simple ways to make your yard inhospitable to pests that become especially active during the autumn months. For instance, pocket gophers actively build mounds during the fall. That activity can destroy gardens, plants, and trees. Flood irrigation is one simple way to get gophers out of your yard since it stops their burrow from venting properly and makes the soil stick to their fur and claws. Installing fences and other barriers above and below ground in garden areas will stop pests before they can get to your plants.

Use Natural Pest Repellents

All Natural Rabbit Repellent

All Natural Rabbit Repellent

Another way to keep mice, squirrels, skunks, and other pests away from your yard and home in autumn is to use natural pest repellents. Shake-Away animal repellent is chemical free and very easy to apply to your yard; just shake the granules around areas that are vulnerable to pests such as gardens, shrubs and trees, and home entrances. It is not harmful to humans or animals because it works naturally, using the urine scent of the pest animals’ top predators to chase them away.

Use these tips to keep animal pests of all kinds out of your yard all through the autumn months. With a little bit of effort at cleaning up your yard and applying pest control products, you can ensure that your yard stays in great condition all season long.


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