Problems with Using Poison to Deal with Mouse Population

Problems with Using Poison to Deal with Mouse Population

Poisoned Mice Can Mean a Poisoned Home

Poisoned Mice Can Mean a Poisoned Home

It can be easy to resort to using poisons to get rid of a mouse pest problem in your house. Poison pellets are easy to use without the risk of setting snap traps. Unfortunately, there are several significant disadvantages to using poison products against mice that you may wish to consider.

It’s Cruel

We know that “mouse happiness” isn’t likely to be your primary concern when you have an ongoing pest problem, but you probably don’t want to torture them either. Poisons can be very slow acting, and the mice will suffer quite a bit before finally dying. At least a snap trap is instantaneous and relatively humane and pain-free.

It’s Risky

Poison will sicken (and possibly kill) any animal that eats or contacts it and that can include your house pets. Whether it’s been set out to do its job, or just sitting in a box in the cupboard, it’s a hazardous product. The fact that its flavored or scented to encourage the mice to eat it doesn’t help. Some poisons do come with little plastic casing that “should” keep any non-mouse animals away from the pellets. That can make it safer, but these contraptions can also make mice wary of venturing inside. Of course, that ends up defeating the entire purpose.

It’s Harder to Clean Up

Since a mouse doesn’t drop dead as soon as it eats the poison pellet, you can’t just go back to that spot and dispose of the carcass once the job is done. The mouse can (and certainly will) travel anywhere in your house before expiring. That can mean dead mice can start to turn up anywhere, including places behind walls that you can’t access at all. A dead mouse will soon start to smell, and it will attract all kinds of other insect problems and probably other mice (or rats).

The clean-up problems extend to the pellets themselves too. A mouse can pick one up and carry it around, potentially leaving poisonous bits and pieces anywhere in your home. You may place the pellets in a safe place where your cat won’t go, but that doesn’t mean the poison will stay where you leave it.

It Doesn’t Solve the Pest Problem

Sure, killing the mice in your house is the ultimate goal, but having poison laid out doesn’t actually fix the situation where they are getting into your home. Even if poison pellets work perfectly, you will have to continue to use them indefinitely because the access to your house is still there. You’re treating the symptom, not the underlying issue.

Let’s face it, the best way of dealing with mice populations is to just keep them out of your house to begin with. Use a high-quality repellent like Shake Away mouse repellent packs to do the job right. They’re not toxic so you really don’t have any of the problems associated with poison, which is a big advantage.

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