How to Protect Your Home and Surroundings From Bold Raccoons

Raccoon in Trash CanRaccoons are extremely smart creatures. Unfortunately, they often use their smarts for creeping into our homes and yards. You may think that your property is well-protected, but then you see a raccoon or two, digging your vegetable garden and crawling up into your attic. You will then realize that raccoons are a threat that may be underrated. They are quick and smart, and if you don’t take steps  to keep them out now, then it is probable that they will eventually create a big mess out of your garden.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Raccoons are often attracted to vegetable plots and food waste that is disposed of outside your home. It can be really frustrating waking up one morning finding your trash bin a mess and your carrots dug up. To prevent that from happening, here are a few tips that might help get rid of raccoons.

Organizing Food Wastes

Properly planned disposal of food waste-Raccoons often rummage

Get Rid of Raccoons

Get Rid of Raccoons

in garbage bins, especially if they contain food waste, such as vegetable and fruit peelings, leftovers, and other edible stuff. To prevent that from happening, using covered bins with lids that lock securely can be a great help. Alternatively, you may build a compost tumbler. It provides an efficient way to make natural fertilizer for your plants, and at the same time keeps raccoons from ransacking your food waste bins.

Hot sauce in garbage bins

Garbage bins are the number 1 destination for raccoons. An alternative to the first suggestion is to pour some hot sauce into your garbage bin. Raccoons are less likely to come back when they have experienced the burning sensation brought by your hot sauce-laced garbage.

Use Fencing

Perimeter fence around your property- Building perimeter fence around your property could be a tedious work. Moreover, it is not a foolproof way to keep raccoons out. Nevertheless, if you want to try this method, make sure to use sturdy, heavy-gauge wire mesh and keep your eyes peeled for holes and obvious pathways.

Motion Sensitive Alarms

Motion detectors are a convenient way to deter not only raccoons, but other uninvited pests, as well. However, since raccoons are such smart creatures, they will realize sooner or later that the alarm or lights will not cause them any harm.


Some organic repellents can also be effective in keeping raccoons

Raccoon On Roof

Raccoon on Roof

out of your yard and home. There are products that use capsaicin, the main ingredient of pepper spray, to deter raccoons and other pests. Most capsacain-based repellents come in granular form, which is sprinkled on areas around your home where raccoons tend to visit.  Just take great care when applying capsaicin-based repellent because it can cause severe skin and eye irritation.

Natural Predator Repellents

Shake-Away is a fear-based raccoon repellent that utilizes coyote and fox urine to scare animals, such as raccoons. It is sold in granule form, which you can sprinkle around your yard, garage and home. Alternatively, you may use the Shake-Away stocking ball kit for precision application in tight spaces like the attic and under your deck.

There are lots of ways to keep raccoons out and you don’t have to endure living with them. Yes, raccoons are smart; but, with the right choice of repelling methods, you will be able to outsmart them.

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