Protect Your Yard from Voles

The Right Vole Repellent Can Make All the Difference

The Right Vole Repellent Can Make All the Difference

Mice aren’t the only rodent problem you can have around the house. When voles start digging their tunnels, they can destroy large patches of your lawn as well as your vegetable or flower gardens. They are sneaky pests that you rarely see, so how can you deal with them?

Keep the Grass Short

Yes, they tend to burrow just below the surface but they do run around through the grass as they move about. They prefer to stick to areas that offer good cover, so tall grass or weedy areas are more likely to attract active voles.

Sink the Fences

That is, use wire-mesh fence to protect your gardens, burying the bottom edge by about 6 inches. Voles rarely dig deeply and this will usually keep them out. This is particularly helpful to protect the roots and low bark of young trees and shrubs. You just can’t use chicken wire. They can easily move through the large holes. You have to use fencing with a much smaller mesh (1/4 inch hardware cloth is very good).

Use a Good Vole Repellent

Voles are rodents just like mice or rats, so you may think that any “rodent repellent” will work. Voles move via tunnel, but will often pop back up to eat low leaves and stems of your plants. That makes a good-quality vole repellent such as Shake-Away Vole Repellent necessary because its effectiveness lasts to protect your plants until the voles surface.  Utilizing the Shake-Away instructions for burrowing animals helps end their digging and tunneling.

Set Some Traps

As was mentioned, voles do spend  time on the surface so trapping is an option if you figure out the best places to set the traps out, such as protected places along the bases of outside walls (the house, garage or sheds). Voles tend to run along sheltered places, and are more likely to get caught up in a trap when it is placed there. Mouse traps work fine and can be baited with peanut butter. Check them daily. If you do catch a vole, leaving dead bodies in the trap will only attract larger pests like raccoons or rats.

Inside the House

Occasionally, voles can invade your home and can be an indoor pest too. In that case, you can try one of the usual mouse-deterring techniques.  Shake-Away Indoor Rodent Packs are a guaranteed effective method of ridding your home of voles and other rodents.

With a few of these techniques in your arsenal, you can help deal with any vole problems you have in your yard (or house).


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