Raccoon Invading Your Space? Here is what to do!

Raccoon Are Dangerous Around Your Home

Raccoon Are Dangerous Around Your Home

Mice are a tricky pest to get rid of because they are so small, but a great big raccoon can be a lot easier to keep out due to its size. On the other hand, they are extremely smart and can foil even the cleverest of plans to keep them out of your things and your space. Once they’ve started to spend time in your yard, they can be extremely destructive due to their curious nature.

Unless you have some sizable trees in your yard, they likely aren’t going to move right in directly. Instead, they’ll live nearby and just visit during the night to wreak havoc.

Remove Temptations

All Natural Repellent Effective for Raccoon

All Natural Repellent Effective for Raccoon

Raccoons are almost completely driven by their stomachs and will do just about anything to get at food or garbage in your yard. If raccoons are becoming a nuisance, it’s probably due to food. The most obvious source can be unprotected garbage. Even if you are using critter-proof garbage containers, the smell from inside can still be drawing them into your yard. Just because they’re not getting into the trash, doesn’t mean that wasn’t what drew them around in the first place. Keep your trash well-protected inside a shed, garage or right in the house.

Don’t forget the more subtle “treats” either. Empty out any bird feeders, and don’t leave any greasy BBQ tools outside. Any pet food left for outside cats or dogs should be brought in overnight too. If you have a compost bin, make sure it’s got a sturdy lid on it.

Remove Hideouts

It’s not likely that a raccoon will be living in your home, but there may be a few nooks and crannies around the yard when they can safely hang out. Check for access to sheds or garages (in the actual buildings or under them). Block any holes with nailed wood or sturdy hardware cloth. Chicken wire may not do it.

Strong, All Natural Repellent

These big pests can be pretty persistent and determined once they’ve moved into the area and started spending too much time in your yard. Shake-Away Raccoon Repellent┬ácomes in a large animal formula that has the All Natural strength you’ll need for get rid of raccoon. A generous dose of Shake-Away in the areas you keep seeing raccoons should convince them to move on.


If all else fails, you can get large traps that can help take care of your problem. You can choose from lethal traps or the more humane cage-style live traps. Just be warned that these can be quite large animals and moving a trap with a live raccoon in it can be a bit of a chore.

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