How to Get Rid of Chipmunks


Getting Rid of Chipmunks Can Be Safe and Easy

There are 16 species of chipmunks calling the United States home and if you are sharing your yard with the most common species, the eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus), their numbers can add up fast. The eastern chipmunk can have up to 10 babies per year and if your neighborhood has the right blend of food and shelter those babies may not venture very far from home.

While the chipmunk may take a bulb or two from your spring garden, they aren’t known for decimating flower or vegetable gardens. The most common problem with having chipmunks in your yard is what is going on underground.

Chipmunks live in underground tunnels that can be up to 30 feet long. The most troublesome problems for homeowners start when the chipmunks move in under patios, porches, garages, etc. and where large populations can cause structural damage to foundations and retention walls.

When you combine the chipmunk’s rapid breeding cycles and destructive underground habitat gaining knowledge of how to get rid of chipmunks is a must for all homeowners that have found these critters taking up residence in their yard.

There are several natural and safe ways to get rid of chipmunks including physical exclusion methods, landscaping changes, and the use of repellents.

Physical exclusion methods are geared toward homeowners that have found chipmunks helping themselves to birdseed, domestic animal food or those that have discovered your tulip bulbs too hard to resist. Examples include storing bird seed in plastic containers with a tight fitting lid or covering your flower beds with a weed barrier mat.

Changes to your landscape can also help keep chipmunks from choosing to set up their residence near your home.  The trick is to eliminate natural and manmade structures that provided cover and protection for the animals. For example:

  •      Don’t allow trees and shrubs to form a line directly from wooded areas to your home.
  •      Try not store your firewood or other items immediately adjacent to your home.

Trapping chipmunks is also feasible. There are several live traps that can be purchased for homeowner use. Certain types of traps can be dangerous to songbirds so you may want to contact a professional pest control company in your area.

Use a natural, safe repellent to get rid of chipmunks. Repellents are area specific. They can be targeted for use only where needed which can save you time and expense. Choosing a product that is all natural will ensure your home remains safe from the destructive potential of the ground dwelling chipmunk but also from harmful toxins.

Shake-Away Critter Repellent contains a patented blend of natural oils that deter chipmunks from your home, gardens and storage areas without harming your pets, other wildlife or the health of you and your family.

Whether you are just starting to see the critters around your home or if you have a thriving population Shake-Away will help you get rid of chipmunks.


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