Get Rid of Possums with These Simple Tricks

Pesky Possums are Easy to Get Rid Of

Possums, though generally non-aggressive, can become a mess makers and create unsanitary conditions when they live too close to humans.  Generally nocturnal and eating a diet of insects and grubs, possums will eat trash and pet food when it is easily accessible. Below are a few simple tricks you can try to keep possums from coming too close to your home and lawn.

1.  Possums are shy creatures that rely on staying clear of danger as their best defense against predators and other hazzards.  That means that they are generally easy to startle and to chase away.  You can take advantage of the possum’s timidity by installing motion-activated lights and/or sprinkler systems.  When a possum comes within range of the system the device will trigger and cause the possum to flee from the unexpected light or movement.  2. Collect hair from your cat and/or dog and distribute it around your property.  Possums are wary of potential predators and will stay away from areas where they determine a predator is lurking.  The scent of your cat’s and/or dog’s hair may be enough to convince the possum to move on from your property.   This trick may need to be repeated often as pet hair tends to drift away.

3. Place ammonia or mothballs near the area that the possum is living or traveling.  The strong order of the chemicals may drive the critter off.  Placing ammonia in open coffee cans before placing it in your yard may help the scent to last longer and prevent damage to your grass or plants.  Because you are handling chemicals when trying this trick it is important that you utilize proper precautions to avoid injuries

4. Perhaps the easiest, least messy and most effective way to rid your property of possums is to use an all natural possum repellent like Shake-Away.  The easy to use granules are long lasting (up to 90 days) and will not harm the plants in the are where the product is placed.   Shake-Away possum repellent utilizes the scent of predator urine (real fox urine) to activate the possums instinctive fear of predators and drive the possum away.  You can purchase Shake-Away at and on Amazon.

A recent Shake-Away customer had this to say about the product: ““I have purchased this in past whenever we have a problem with possums or skunks. Also I sprinkle on newly-planted flower pots to keep the squirrels from digging up the flowers. Works great.”.

Possums may be a bother, but fortunately, they are not hard to be rid of.  Assuring that eliminate their reason for coming close to your property and utilizing some simple tricks should result in no more possum problem.


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