How to Get Rid of Possums

Opossum Facts

Getting Rid of Possums May Be Easir That You Think

Getting Rid of Possums May Be Easir That You Think

The Opossum, or more commonly referred to as “possum” is a slow moving marsupial common throughout the U.S.   The possum’s scientific name is Didelphimorphia. Opossums are genuinely opportunistic omnivores, meaning they will eat almost anything that is available. Different species, however vary in the amount of  meat and vegetation that make up their diet.

Having no specialized defenses or hunting abilities, possums are generally nomadic and solitary.  Not surprisingly, the possum’s lifespan in the wild is relatively short as they are easy prey for carnivorous predators such as the fox.  Possums are inclined to utilize burrows and living spaces abandoned by other animals. Not industrious in creating their own dens, they may end up squeezing into a dark, secure spot under a porch or out building.

Possums on Your Property

Once a possum has taken up residence on your property they can create problems such as unpleasant odors, damaged plants, garbage spills and damage to the building under which they live.  Though generally not aggressive, possums are wild animals and may claw or scratch when cornered.  Possums may also carry diseases and parasites.

Given the opportunity possums will eat a variety of garden plants and bulbs.  Additionally they may ruin plants while hunting for snails and insects.

How to Get Rid of Possums

Natural Possum Repellent

All Natural Possum Repellent

Getting rid of a possum that has moved onto your property can be as easy as leveraging its natural inability to effectively defend itself.  Because the possum has no specialized defensive adaptations it relies heavily on its sensitive nose to warn it of potential predators.  If the possum detects the scent of a predator it naturally recognizes the danger and will move on to a new, safer habitat.  Using an all natural predator scent based possum repellent such as Shake-Away to get rid of possums puts the power of nature to work for you.  Specifically, the all natural Shake-Away granules emanate the scent of actual Fox urine in the area to which they are applied. When used as directed, the granules trick the possum in to sensing the area has been marked by the fox and is no longer a safe place.

After the Possum is Gone

After getting rid of a possum there are some steps you can take to minimize the possibility of new possum invasions.

  1. Seal up any cracks and loose stones around the foundation of your house.  Possums can squeeze into small openings to enter your basement

  2. Cut away any branches that overhang your roof.  Possums, being good climbers, can utilize low hanging branches to get on to your roof and from there finding a vent and entering your attic.

  3. Remove inviting food sources.  Possums are especially found of pet food.  If you feed your pets outside, be certain to clean-up any leftovers.  Also, be certain to keep your trash securely sealed and unaccessible.

Getting rid of possums may be as easy as utilizing all natural Shake-Away Possum Repellent to take advantage of their natural fear of predators and making a few small modification to your property and habits.

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