Get Rid of Raccoons for Good!

Get Rid of RaccoonsRaccoons are comical creatures because of their intelligence and feistiness. Sadly, all that intelligence can be used to get into your prized sweet corn and other crops in your vegetable garden. No doubt you have tried countless numbers of times to get rid of raccoons from your premises, and it really is frustrating when you see no effects in your efforts to make them stay out.

One thing to consider about raccoons is that these animals are capable of learning. That means that installing noise-inducing contraptions like pots and pans that clang will keep raccoons away for a period of time. However, once they have learned that the noise will not harm them, they move right back in. You can set out traps, and perhaps capture one of the raccoons to release away from your home, however, often the creature returns to your property as if it had never been moved.

All Natural Repellent Effective for Raccoon

All Natural Repellent Effective for Raccoon

One of the most effective ways to keep out raccoons from your vegetable garden is to build a fence, preferably one made with chicken wire. Fencing is best done before you plant your crops to make installation and preparation easier. You need have the fence embedded in the soil at least 2-4 feet deep as raccoons know how to dig under the fence, and then apply electricity to it to prevent the raccoons from climbing over. Carefully schedule when the electricity is turned on in order to prevent harming birds that just love to perch on top of fences. Electric fence is not advisable, though, if you have kids and other pets in your house.

Pet food also attracts raccoons. A way to minimize pet food’s power to attract pests is to give your pets enough food during the day that will not need to have pet food left outside overnight when raccoons are active. Considering using pet food to distract raccoons away from your garden? In fact, that tactic will only encourage them to become dependent on your feedings, and that is not healthy for any wild animal.

Effective Solutions for Repelling Raccoons

There are also some organic raccoon repellent products that you can use to help keep raccoons at bay without having to destroy or add anything to your garden, and one of them is a natural animal repellent. These animal repellents work by exuding the strong odors taken from animals that the raccoons are instinctivelyafraid of – their natural and prime predators

These repellents are made by processing and concentrating marking hormones taken from urine of animals such as the coyote, bobcat, and fox. Once the raccoons smell these odors in your vegetable patch, fear will overrule them and they will not even think of going inside your garden. Because the repellent is in granular form, it is easier to work with than liquid urine and you have better control of how much product to use and where it should do its work. Just pop open the lid, sprinkle the granules on your chosen spot, and walk away. No need to do messy clean or worrying about the container getting toppled over by your pet. It’s easy to use, no preparation, non-toxic, and safe around you, your family, and pets. If you wish to know more about these natural products, visit

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