How to Get Rid of Woodchucks

Whether you call them woodchucks, land beavers, groundhogs or whistle pigs, the varmints can cause all manner of damage to your yard and garden.  Deep holes, tunnels and destroyed landscaping and garden plants are some destruction they cause.

Woodchuck also known as a Groundhog

Woodchuck also known as a Groundhog

Fortunately it is not necessary for you to put up with woodchuck problems!  There several steps you can take to repel them from your property, including some methods and products that are environmentally friendly and cause no harm to you or the critter:

1. Use Homemade Woodchuck Repellent – Hot pepper flakes and talcum powder placed around the areas you wish to protect may work to keep woodchucks away.  You may find that the homemade repellents may need frequent re-application, especially after rainy or windy weather.

2. Plant Alternative Food in Strategic Areas – Proving the woodchuck an alternative food source, one which is preferable to your garden’s plants, may keep the chuck from dining on your vegetables.  Foods that the woodchuck may prefer include Alfalfa and clover.  Even if you convince the chuck that your clover patch is a tastier meal than is your garden, he may still be digging holes in your yard.

3. Use a All Natural, No Harm Woodchuck Repellent – Shake-Away Woodchuck Repellents are an easy to use, chemical-free product that uses the strongest force in nature, the woodchuck’s instinctive fear of predators, to keep woodchucks away.  The easy to use granules maintain their potency for up to 90 days, even after rain

4. Fumigate the Woodchuck’s Tunnel System – Using vials of carbon monoxide , other poisons or irritants such as smoke, you can drive the woodchuck out by making his home uninhabitable, or killing the woodchuck if it remains in the tunnel system.  For this method to be effective it is necessary to find and block as many of the tunnel system’s exits as possible.

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Before choosing a method to use to rid your property of destructive woodchucks, check your local ordinances and codes. Some cities and towns may prohibit the use of some methods or products.

Being patient when working to repel woodchucks from your yard is advisable.  Once a woodchuck has found an easy food source and safe place to live, it can be very stubborn to the idea of leaving.  It may take time to convince the critter that it is better off giving up his home and move to greener pastures.



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