Why Shake-Away Cat Repellent Works

Feral Cat in Yard

Keep Cats Out of Your Yard

Shake-Away Cat Repellent

Shake-Away Cat Repellent is an all natural repellent method that keeps cats away by scaring them off. It is made of granules that put off the urine scent of foxes and coyotes. When a stray cat wanders into your yard and smells their natural predators nearby, they certainly will not want to stay.

How to Apply Shake-Away

It is easy to apply the cat repellent to your yard; just shake it sparingly on the soil. A light dusting of the areas you want to keep free of cats will last up to 90 days in any weather conditions. After that, just go over the area again to keep cats away.

Is Shake-Away Safe?

Before using any repellent product, you need to be sure that it will be safe for your family, your garden, and your pets. Since Shake-Away uses all natural ingredients and scare cats away using predator scents, it does not contain harmful chemicals. You can use it directly on your vegetable garden soil without having to fear that it will somehow damage your crops.

Other Ways to Keep Cats Away

To successfully keep stray cats from creating problems around your home and property, make use of these additional tips:

  • ┬áKeep Garbage Sealed. Stray cats are always looking for a good source of food and garbage is one of their favorites. If they find your garbage cans to be easily accessible, you can be sure they will come back for more. Limit your cat problems by keeping your trash well sealed.
  • Wash Away Spray. If cats do spray on your walls, wash it away. Be careful not to use bleach, however, as the smell attracts cats.
  • Prevent Digging. Cats like to turn recently prepared gardens with soft soil into their personal washrooms. Installing some wire just beneath the soil will prevent digging while still allowing your plants to grow.

Start implementing these tips and using Shake-Away Cat Repellent today to keep your home and yard free of pesky stray cats.





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