Why Shake-Away Woodchuck Repellent is Effective

Woodchucks, sometimes called Groundhogs are rodents of the family Sciuridae, and are of the grouping of large ground squirrels known as marmots.

Damage Caused By Woodchucks

Woodchuck Standing in Lawn

Woodchuck Standing in Lawn

Woodchucks are burrowing animals that live in dens which they access through a series of entrance holes connected by tunnels.  In addition to the tunnel entrances posing potential danger to humans and other domesticated animals that inadvertently step in them, woodchucks may burrow under buildings, sheds and even homes making unsightly messes and possible damaging the structures.

Plants Destroyed by Woodchucks

Hungry woodchucks can devastate many garden and decorative lawn plants.  The following plants are in particular danger of damage if an invading woodchuck is nearby:

  • beans

  • peas

  • carrot greens

  • alfalfa

  • clover

  • cabbage

  • broccoli

  • tomato

In some circumstances, a burrowing woodchuck can cause damage to tree roots that may result in the death of the tree.

A Woodchucks Natural Defences

Generally fearful of people, woodchucks avoid urban areas or neighborhoods with smaller, busier homes and yards.  They prefer large grassy areas with hedgerows or thick ground cover in which they can hide their tunnel entrances.  A woodchuck’s defences against a predator is very limited.  A woodchucks main defence behavior is to run to their nearest tunnel entrance and quickly dive underground and out of the reach of a predator.  That is why woodchucks often create tunnel entrances near their food sources and rarely wander too far from the opportunity for a quick escape.

Getting Rid of Woodchucks

Woodchucks in Your Yard

Get Rid of Woodchucks

That woodchucks are nearly defenseless makes it easier to keep them from your garden and lawn.  Utilizing a woodchuck repellent like Shake-Away all natural small critter repellent puts the power of the predator to work for you.  Specifically, Shake-Away Small Critter Repellent utilizes the actual scent of the woodchuck’s most feared predator – the fox.  Sprinkling Shake-Away around the area you want protected from woodchuck damage tricks the invading woodchuck into believing the area has been claimed by the fox and is no longer a safe place to live or eat.  The 100% all natural granules are infused with actual fox urine and they communicate the same scent to the woodchuck as would a fox marking it’s territory.  When the woodchuck senses a fox has moved in, he moves out and looks for a safer area in which to take up residence.

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