What is a Shrew and How Do I Get Rid of It?!

What Is a Shrew?

Shrews are Mammals that Can Cause Destruction and Danger

Shrews are Mammals that Can Cause Destruction and Danger

An actual shrew, sometimes called a shrew mouse is a small animal that looks much like a long-nosed mouse.  Despite it appearing like a mouse or mole the shrew is not a rodent and is instead a mammal of the order Soricomorpha (“shrew form”).  Animals that are from families different than a true shrew, but use the shrew name include:

Found throughout the world, shrews are omnivorous and most often eat seeds, insects, nuts and worms, but when conditions make it necessary to do so they will eat fallen leafs and other vegetation.   In some parts of the world shrews have even become adept at hunting in the water for insects and minnows.  

Because the shrew will make its habitat in a wide variety of materials, can thrive in nearly any climate zone and will eat such a wide variety of food they have become the fourth most successful mammal family in terms of species variety.

The largest of the shrews is the Asian house shrew, weighing in at 100 grams.  Most other varieties of shrews are the size of an average mouse (5 – 12 grams).

Certain varieties of shrew  are venomous transporting venom into their prey (often a mouse or other small rodent) via channels in their teeth.

Get Rid of Shrew with Shake-Away

Some shrews have very fast heart rates of up to 800 beats per minute.  Due to their high metabolic rate shrew are voracious eaters and may die from food deprivation after as little as 12 hours.  The near constant need for nutrition means that shrew are very active and can be destructive to lawns, landscaping and to food stores when a shrew finds its way inside a home.  Addition to the destruction shrew can cause to lawns and homes shrew are also known to attack family pets when cornered.

How to Get Rid of Shrews

Shrews can be a bother  and a danger to homeowners.  Shrew can dig holes in lawns and landscaping, destroy plants and they leave unsanitary droppings inside of homes.

Taking Advantage of a Shrew’s Senses

Most varieties of shrew have poor eyesight, but have very sensitive senses of hearing and smell.  One of the most effective ways to rid a home of shrews is to take advantage of their strong sense of smell by using an all natural repellent like Shake-Away Rodent Repellent.  The Shake-Away granules are infused with a proprietary blend of oils that produce a strong scent that irritates the shrew’s sensitive nose and olfactory system.  Though intolerable to the shrew, the scent of the repellent is pleasant to humans.  Finding the area treated with the scented granules uninhabitable, the effected shrew moves on to new hunting grounds.

It is important that shrew never be handled.  Shrews are aggressive and will bite when threatened.  The safest approach to preventing shrew damage is to drive them out, or to kill them,  in a way that does not require interacting with the animal.










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