Simple Way to Keep Pesky Critters Out of your RV, Camper, Boat or Vehicles in Storage

Storing an RV, Boat, Camper or Vehicle? Protect it with Shake-Away Animal RepellentAs we enter the fall season, many “campers” will be putting their Pop-Ups, Recreational Vehicle, Boats and Antique/Classic cars away for the winter. Often this means storage either outside or under cover. Regardless of where it is stored, a vacant RV or other vehicle is an attractive winter home for annoying rodents and other destructive critters.

Squirrels, chipmunks, mice and rats LOVE to make your vehicle their home over the cold season! It is amazing how these critters can find the smallest place to gain entrance. Once in, they literally set up house, making nests and storing food.

Wires destroyed by gnawing critters

Wires destroyed by gnawing critters

In addition to the mess that their mere existence can create, they also have the habit of creating significant damage through their gnawing on wooden structures and wiring. We hear of many stories where people have found thousands of dollars worth of damage caused by rodents chewing on wiring and other pliable surfaces in Campers, Recreational Vehicles, Antique/Classic Cars while put up in storage. repels Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks or other Rodents who can cause damage to your items in storage. Our Rodent Repellent is specially formulated to help ward off squirrels, chipmunks, mice and rats BEFORE they make their home in your treasured camper or vehicle. Many of our clients have written to us to share stories of how Shake-Away saved their vehicle when used over the winter months of storage.

Good Sams - Highways Magazine in Good Sams - Highways Magazine

Good Sam Club is a nationwide club for RV owners. They offer a community of tips, discounts and ideas for having fun with your RV. The October 2010 edition of Good Sams magazine featured Their Tech Topics article hosted by B. Livingston mentioned, “Owners have great luck using Shake-Away “ adding, “the last time I was at a large gathering of RVers, a number of owners provided glowing testimonials about Shake-Away’s effectiveness”.'s Stocking Ball COMBO Kit's Stocking Ball COMBO Kit

When using Shake-Away to protect your RV or seasonal vehicle, we would recommend applying the product around the base of any area where the critters can “climb aboard”. In addition,by using our “Stocking Ball Kits” you can place some of the product inside your RV in strategic areas that may be especially inviting for critters to visit.

As we prepare for the coming off-season, we wish you all well with the protection of your RV’s, campers and vehicles in storage. Shake-Away is a great way to help ward off the potential mess and damage to wiring and other vulnerable areas caused by unwanted rodents and other critters!

For a limited time, is offering a discount for those wishing to purchase Shake-Away to protect their vehicles in storage. Use the coupon code: RVProtect during checkout and receive 10% off the price of any products you purchase.

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