Best Sites for Natural Pest Animal Control

Learn the Natural Way to Repel Animals from Your Yard

Learn the Natural Way to Repel Animals from Your Yard

Chemical repellents are available for most common animal pests. Using repellents with unknown dangerous chemicals may seem like the best solution to your pest problem, however, using potentially toxic chemicals that harm animals may also mean harm to people and especially children.  Natural animal repellents may offer a more attractive approach to being rid of unwanted animals around your home.  It is important to do your own research when it comes to using natural ways repellent animals. Here are five websites that can help you learn natural solutions for pests in your home and garden.

This site provides a list of common pests and a variety of chemical free solutions. This article shows ways to keep your yard pest free. Using coffee grounds, blood meal and predator urine are some of the few natural deterrents suggested by the website as well as providing a detailed explanation on how to use them and why they work.

Mother Earth News provides a wide ranging, expert coverage on anything organic and natural. It is one of the best websites for people who choose to live green. is a good source when it comes to anything gardening. This website provides tips, growing information, gardening and specifically discusses natural solutions for pest and animal control.

This site includes detailed information presented by experts in their respective fields. The experts provide valuable information and resources that their readers need to know about pest control.

This website talks about different types of pests, provides three levels of prevention (Healthy plants, Pest reducing garden layout and encouraging predators of pests) and then discusses 2 levels of control (Gardener intervention and the use of natural pesticides, biological controls and other options).

If using the natural approach to keeping unwanted animals out of your home, lawn and garden is attractive, the chemical free animal repellents at may be the soltuion you need.

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