Help! There is a Skunk in my Yard!

Skunk-smell-DTSkunks are very shy and skittish creatures so if you find one in your garden, It is likely that they have found a food source or shelter in the area. Skunks may look cute from a distance, but they can cause major damage to your garden while digging for grubs – a favorite food, additionally when cornered skunks can be dangerous.

The most potent defense the skunk can use is to soak its enemy with it sickeningly smelly spray created by sulfuric acid that is fired from its anal glands. Skunks only use its spray if they are in danger. In addition to delivering a nearly unbearable smell, the skunk’s spray can be harmful by burning the eyes and other mucus membranes and causing pain and respiratory problems. Among the other threats skunks pose to humans;

  • It is the second most commonly rabies infected host in the US
  • They also carry unwanted parasites like fleas and roundworm
  • If it has no other means of defense a skunk will bite and bite wounds often develop infections

There are a lot of ways to get rid of skunks but some are not highly effective and others are  inhumane. Preventing a skunk invasion in the first place can sometimes be the best solution and prevention means eliminating the reason why skunks are in in your yard.  The following tactics are great first steps to preventing skunks from making your yard their home:

  • Check if your trash cans are closed and secured.
  • Make sure pet food is kept inside the house
  • Keep your vegetable garden fenced in
  • Ensure your garden and yard is clean and well maintained
  • Get rid of wood and rock piles
  • Secure openings under concrete slabs and porches, and access to crawl spaces under houses

When it comes to repelling skunks they hate certain odors including:

  • Citrus
  • Ammonia
  • Mothballs
  • Predator urine

Shake Away skunk repellent is the one and only product of its kind and uses urine,  the marking tool of the skunk’s predator the fox. It comes in granulated form so it is very easy to use. All you do is sprinkle the granules in the areas you want to protect. Shake Away is all natural and includes no chemicals, no poisons and is very safe.

Skunks are generally harmless animals but it is best not to get close to them. Your risk getting sprayed  and since they are rabies carriers, getting bit is very dangerous. Skunks live off of human waste like spoiled food, pet food, rotten fruits and vegetables so it is best to keep your yard clean and be aware of the different ways you can get rid of skunks.







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