Skunks in Your Trash? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Skunk In Yard

Skunk In Yard Around a Home

Many homeowners will have the unfortunate experience of dealing with wild animals destroying property. Skunks are one such species. They have acclimated to living in the same areas as humans and are not afraid to venture near homes when they are looking for food. They are known to be opportunistic in their search for food, and will get into any trash or refuse left outdoors. A homeowner will only need to pick up the garbage that a skunk has spread all over the lawn a time or two before they begin looking for ways to keep these pests off of their property.

How Do I Know It’s A Skunk?

If a skunk living on your property becomes frightened and sprayed,

Natural Skunk Repellent

Natural Skunk Repellent

there will be no question that the animal causing the problem is a skunk. If you have signs of a pest living close by and you haven’t yet noticed the familiar smell, there is still the possibility that it is a skunk. Most of the time, the homeowner will spot a skunk shortly after the problem begins. Skunks seem to be unafraid of humans for the most part. A person nearing an area where a skunk is foraging will most likely be ignored until the skunk decides to move on.

Why Are There Skunks On My Property?

Skunks can adapt easily to almost any environment. They spend most of their time inside their dens, only venturing out a few hours each day to forage for food. They take over dens that another animal has abandoned in areas with a consistent food supply. If a skunk has set up residence on your property, it means they have had great success when looking for food in that area.

How To I Get Them To Leave?

The first step towards getting problem skunks to stay away from your property is to remove the food source. The main attractant for skunks is garbage left outside. A locking garbage with a lid that seals tightly should be used if available. If not, it is a good idea to move the garbage can into the garage or another outbuilding.

Making Sure They Stay Away

In addition to removing the source of temptation for the skunks, Shake-Away can be used to make sure that the problem doesn’t come back. Skunks, like all prey animals, will avoid any areas where they suspect a predator lives. Predator animals will urinate around the area they have “claimed” as their own as a means of warning other predators to stay away. Prey animals have learned to avoid any area where they notice the familiar scent of predator urine.

Shake-Away takes advantage of this knowledge. It utilizes the scent of fox urine to get rid of skunks naturally. The fox is a natural predator of a skunk, so when Shake-Away is applied to an area, the skunk will simply move to an area they believe will be safer. There is no need for trapping the animal or utilizing some other method of removal that could be considered inhumane.



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