Skunks Are In My Yard, What are They After?

All Natural Skunk Repellent

All Natural Skunk Repellent

Skunks are smelly and destructive mammals that are notorious for their ability to spray long distances with their musk glands. The musk is so foul that not even the skunks themselves can tolerate it. If you have a skunk problem, one of the first steps in solving it is to identify and remove the things that are drawing them to your yard. Aside from their natural stench, there are a number of reasons for you to keep them out They can carry rabies and distemper, and are notorious burrowers. Skunks can cause damage to your lawn or garden and even to the foundations of your home.

Why Skunks May Find Your Yard Attractive

  • If you keep your garbage in containers that make it easily accessible, you may be drawing hungry skunks to your property. Using garbage containers that are difficult for the skunk to get into will therefore reduce the incentives they have to venture into your yard.
  • If you feed your pets outdoors, leftovers in their bowls or spilled food may be a powerful attractant for these relatives of the weasel. You will need to ensure that you bring your pets’ food bowls inside at night so as to deter the skunks. Spills of birdseed around birdfeeders and fruit that has fallen from trees in your yard are also potential food sources for these omnivores.
  • Beetle larvae are among the skunk’s main sources of nutrition in the wild. Unfortunately, these larvae may live beneath your lawn. The skunk will have to dig through your lawn to get to them, making many small holes and destroying it in the process. In order to get rid of the beetle larvae, some homeowners use insecticides or beneficial nematodes as a means of eliminating the food source.
  • Skunks are often looking for places to live and any gaps or spaces under a house or deck can harbor them. They like warm dry places into which they can burrow and that they can easily defend. These gaps around or under a house can be especially attractive living spaces if there is no dog in the residence. It is not uncommon to find a skunk under shed flooring. It is bad enough that there is a skunk venturing onto your property, it is much worse to actually have one in residence!

Skunks are motivated by the same things that most other living creatures want: namely, food and shelter. These are the main things that will attract them to a yard. There is another motivation that they have in common with other creatures and that is fear. Using this motivation can help a homeowner to get rid of skunks in their yard.

Remove Skunks in Yard with Natural Skunk Repellent

Some of the more popular methods used to get rid of skunks involve the use of poisons and humane traps. Poisons can be dangerous for humans and pets living in the yard, and handling a humane trap may present a risk of being sprayed. Shake Away Skunk Repellent is a natural, safe repellent that uses the scent of the Skunk’s natural enemy to discourage them from venturing into your yard in the first place. Shake Away uses fox urine, which signals to the skunk that their most feared predator is nearby and that your property is best avoided. It is easy to apply, and unlike some other skunk repellents on the market, with no mess. Shake Away skunk repellent is completely organic and will cause no harm to humans, pets or to your prized garden.


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