Solving The 4 Biggest Winter Animal Pest Problems

Most people think that the biggest problems facing you in the winter is having to shovel the driveway every few days. Granted, nobody likes that part of winter but there are a number of potential pest problems you need to watch out for too. Here are four of the big ones.

1. Mice in the House

When cold weather settled in, all kinds of rodents are on the look-out for warmer places to live. For most people, the biggest problem is mice. They can cause damage by chewing on paper and fabrics as they search for nesting materials, and they will contaminate any areas where food is available. Not only do they chew packaging and eat exposed foods, they leave endless droppings wherever they go.

Problems with Mice in Your House?

Problems with Mice in Your House?

In the late fall, it’s always a good idea to give your house a good inspection to look for loose siding, cracks in the foundations or holes around the windows. Blocking up any openings is the first step in keeping winter mice out. After that, protect all your exposed food in solid packaging and invest in a little mouse repellent to help keep them out. A shake-able pellet formula is easy to apply and protects the hidden areas of your house.

2. Moles in the Grass

This can be a tough one to protect against since moles and voles are hidden under the snow during the winter, and you can’t see what’s going on.

These pests do a lot of shallow tunneling in the grass during the winter, and they move around under the cover of snow. In the spring, the snow melts and you find that there are grooves and channels crisscrossing all through the grass. The grass can usually recover, but deep tunnels may need to be filled in and reseeded to get your lawn looking good again.

3. Deer in the Yard

Vole damage may be minimal but you can count on more serious problems if you have deer in the yard. They are after any plants they can find to eat, and will paw through the snow to find them. Not only will they raise any green plants they can find, they will strip bark and small branches from unprotected trees and shrubs. Wrap your shrubs, and even have a few deer repellent packs around the edges of your yard to keep these large pests out.

4. Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrel RepellentWhile squirrels can take up residence anywhere, they tend to prefer undisturbed attic areas (probably because they are easier to access from the tree branches). Unlike mice who are always into the food, squirrels are not going to be raiding the kitchen. They are only after the shelter that your attic can provide. They can do damage by chewing and fouling the area with droppings. Again, block up any holes, vents or gaps in the shingles and siding to keep these pests out.


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