Spring is Around the Corner – Let’s Get the Garden Ready!

Time to Think About Spring Flowers!

Time to Think About Spring Flowers!

Spring is a very exciting time of year in the garden. The plants are budding and the garden is filled with the promise of growth andnew beginnings. This is the best time of year to jump in with both feet and get your garden in shape. The things you do now will affect the appearance and success of your garden throughout the summer and autumn. In this article, we will provide an overview of springtime gardening tasks that will help you have the best garden ever. Please read on to learn more.

It is generally wise to get started as soon as the weather allows. Begin by using a hand tiller to clean up any debris that has accumulated during the winter months. Rake away the leaves and twigs and till the soil gently to loosen the top layer. This will allow the soil to breathe. Be careful not to dislodge any bulbs or damage young shoots.

Get Your Flower And Vegetable Beds Ready With These 6 Steps

1. Deter snails and slugs by placing a line of diatomaceous earth around the areas you wish to protect. They will not cross the line. You might also set out a few shallow dishes of beer to attract and drown them.

2. Deadhead (cut to the ground) your bulbs that have already bloomed, such as daffodils.

3. Pull weeds early before they become too established.

4. Begin, add-to or turn your compost heap. If you are not already composting, purchasing a ready-made bin is an easy and tidy way to start.

5. Fertilize your beds by working finished compost into the soil.

6. Plant hardier plants that can withstand any cold weather you still have coming. Examples include herbs, climbing vines, shrubs and bushes and both evergreen and deciduous trees.

Get Your Lawn Ready

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All Natural Rabbit Repellent

Your lawn may have a thatch buildup in the early spring. If this is the case, you may wish to hire a pro to de-thatch the lawn or rent a power rake so that you can do it yourself.

Even without thatch buildup, raking is a good idea in the spring. You can rake away dead grass, stir up compacted areas and prepare bare spots for reseeding.

Spring is also a good time for lawn aeration. This is especially true if you have Bermuda Grass, Kentucky Blue or some other type of creeping grass.

Once your raking, de-thatching and aerating chores are completed, it is time to fertilize your grass. In the springtime, it is smart to use a light fertilizer. Visit a local home improvement store, nursery or garden center to find the right product for your climate.

Take Care Of Your Trees, Bushes And Shrubs

Some trees, bushes and shrubs benefit from pruning in the spring. Others do not. For example, blossoming shrubs like lilac bloom on old wood. For that reason, you should wait until after they bloom to prune them. Otherwise, you will not have any blossoms.

Roses, on the other hand, bloom on new wood. For that reason, it’s a good idea to prune them early in the spring before they bloom. This will increase their blossoms. Be sure to identify all of your specimens and determine exactly cheap levitra online.

It is so refreshing to be out in the fresh spring air, tending your garden as it wakes up from its winter slumber. By taking a little time to prepare your yard, you can be certain of having a lovely and abundant yard and garden throughout the summer and the autumn.

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