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Every year, spring weather brings a new round of animal pests that a homeowner has to deal with. Though smaller rodents like mice or voles can be a problem even in the winter, the larger animals are more active only once the temperatures start to go back up in the spring.


We should start with the biggest problem pest of the spring: the squirrel. Now that they are waking up from a sleepy winter, they are going to be very active around the yard (and possibly inside your attic).

First, you should try to seal up any holes in the upper parts of your home that might give nosy squirrels access to your attic or walls. Trim any tree branches that might be giving squirrels easy access from nearby trees to the house.

In early spring, food can be a little scarce so squirrels may pillage at your bird feeder more than usual. Adding barriers around the feeder pole can help keep them out but it might take some effort as they can be able gymnasts when it comes to outwitting a “squirrel-proof” bird feeder.


Whether you call them woodchucks or groundhogs, these large pests are a burrowing nightmare once they get established in or near your yard.

Because they are so difficult to get rid of once their network of tunnels is in place, it’s best to prevent them from coming in the first place. A good scented repellent product will help keep woodchucks from exploring your property.

You can also try trapping them, or use ultrasonic devices that send sound through their tunnels to drive them out. Vibrating devices can do a similar job, creating an unpleasant underground atmosphere to frighten woodchucks away.


Get Rid of Possums

Natural Possum Removal

Not particularly damaging, but possums can make a nest under a shed, deck or garage and it creates an unsanitary hazard. They can be a bigger problem if they’ve found a way into basements or even attics to make their home. Possums can also get into unsecured garbage or outdoor pet food too so they can be quite a pest even if they aren’t quite as destructive as raccoons.

Blocking access to their hiding spot can sometimes be enough to force a possum to relocate though they can be stubborn about leaving once they are settled. Adding a repellent pack near where they are nesting can help drive them out too.

Hopefully, you’ll have good success in keeping these animals out of your home or yard so you can enjoy the lovely weather that spring will be bringing us.


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