Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Birdfeeder

Keeping Squirrels out of Your Birdfeeder can be a Challenge!

Keeping Squirrels out of Your Bird-feeder can be a Challenge!

Squirrels are cute, fun loving creatures that are a joy to watch as they scramble from tree to tree in search of acorns and nuts. They can become a nightmare, though, for bird lovers trying to protect their feeders from the pesky antics of voracious squirrels. Apart from scaring away birds and eating all the seed you put out, squirrels can also damage the feeder itself and your home in their efforts to reach the bird feed. Use the following tips to keep squirrels out of your bird-feeder and protect your home from damage.

 Install a Squirrel Baffle

 Squirrels are clever climbers and can figure out a way to reach just about any birdfeeder. They are especially adept at climbing poles and reaching out to steal the birds’ meal for themselves. Installing a squirrel baffle is a simple and effective way to keep them out of the feeder.

A squirrel baffle is a plastic or metal dome that can be placed either above or below a feeder to stop squirrels from reaching it (click here to see a squirrel baffle in action). You can buy them at many stores that sell birdfeeders or make one yourself from household materials. Make sure that the baffle is at least 5 feet off the ground and large enough on top to cover the entire feeder.

Place Feeders Strategically

One of the simplest ways to stop squirrels from reaching your birdfeeders is to place them at strategic locations that are difficult to reach. This may not seem easy, especially since squirrels are such great climbers and jumpers. Still, it can be done with a bit of careful forethought.

Be sure that the place you will install your feeder is not close to anything a squirrel could use as a launching pad to reach it. This would include trees, branches, and buildings.

Another option is to string your feeder between two trees. Make sure it stays at a point that is far enough away from low branches to keep squirrels from reaching it. The wire you use to string the feeder should be strong enough to hold the birdfeeder without being so thick that it creates a direct route for hungry squirrels.

Give Squirrels Their Own Feeders

Squirrels are insistent, clever pests and will do everything in their power to reach your birdfeeders. If you have tried other techniques and nothing seems to work or you simply want to enjoy watching the squirrels in your yard along with the birds, install a separate squirrel feeder just for them. Placing a feeder easily accessible to squirrels with nuts, acorns, corn, and other treats they love will help save your birdfeeders by giving hungry squirrels somewhere else to find a meal.

Natural Squirrel Repellent

Another way to keep these pests away is with a natural squirrel repellent. Shake-Away Rodent Repellent granules only take a few minutes to sprinkle around areas where squirrels make their ascent to your birdfeeders. The repellent is made from natural, non-toxic oils that aggravate a squirrel’s nervous system without bother humans or pets. Compared with all of the effort it can take to make birdfeeders squirrel-proof, this natural repellent is simple, easy, and cost effective.


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