How to Store Food to Keep it Mice Free

Keep Mice Out of Your House by Making Food Hard to Get to

Keep Mice Out of Your House by Making Food Hard to Get to

Mice are notorious for getting into absolutely anything and everything, and the damage can be extensive once they get going. They can chew through a lot of materials, meaning you have to be extra careful about protecting your things. This goes double for food. What’s the best way to protect your food from invading mice and other critters?

Use Better Containers

Mice will chew through paper and cardboard like it’s not even there, so don’t consider food packed in boxes to be safe. Plastic is a decent option but also not ideal. A determined mouse can gnaw its way through even outdoor-grade heavy plastic in a very short time, leaving such a tiny hole you won’t even notice its done any damage. Yes, heavy plastic can be good protection when you have only a casual mouse problem. Just don’t assume it’s perfect.

Metal, ceramic and glass are far better alternatives (watch for soft plastic lids though, they’re a weak spot). Jars and metal coffee cans can be excellent options, though the glass can be heavy if you’re storing a lot of bottles or jars in one spot.

Mouse-Proof Storage Units

Besides the individual containers that your food is in, you can also protect your overall pantry by keeping products in a larger cabinet that is pest-proof. Shelves alone won’t do any good because they can climb any material but a sturdy cabinet with a tightly sealed door might do the trick.

Built-in pantries or small closets aren’t secure as the drywall or panelling is very vulnerable to mouse attack. So even with a pantry with a closed door, you’ll need to take precautions about your food containers (as we just mentioned).

Unplugged fridges or freezers are fabulous for keeping out mice as long as they are not left closed up for too long. They’re generally air-tight and it can get stuffy or even moldy inside if left closed for weeks on end.

Get Rid of the Mice

Of course, the best way to protect your food is to get rid of the mice in the first place. Shake-Away Rodent Repellent can be used to keep mice out of the house without any toxic poisons or risky traps.

It’s a good idea to check the backs of shelves or under cabinets periodically (once a month) to check for signs of mouse intrusion. Having mouse-proof food storage is a vital step in preventing any losses to critter problems, and keeping an eye open for signs of mice will help too.

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