More Tips for Using Shake-Away Animal Repellents

Shake-Away Small Animal Repellent

One of the greatest benefits of using Shake-Away Animal Repellents is that you are putting the power of Nature’s most powerful repellent to work in your yard or garden.  What is Nature’s most powerful repellent? Instinctive fear.  Shake-Away encapsulates the actual urine of your pest animal’s most feared predator to signal that your property has been claimed by the predator.

Tip #1: Utilize Shake-Away in a manner that mimics the predator’s territorial marking habits.  That means sprinkle the repellent granules in a manner similar to how the predator would urinate to mark its territory.

Remember, Shake-Away is not a force field, it is a trigger to the pest animal’s natural and instinctive reaction to fear.  The closer the application of the product is to the natural habits of the predator the more effective it will be in repelling the pest animal.

Importantly, Shake-Away comes to you with complete and detailed directions for use.

Shake-Away Rodent Repellents

Have you ever watched a mouse or other rodent scurry about?  Have you noticed how its nose is always twitching?  That’s because rodents utilize their highly sensitive nose to detect food, potential mates and lurking predators.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to use Shake-Away Rodent Repellent in areas that humans inhabit or frequent. Shake-Away rodent repellent takes advantage of a rodent’s hypersensitive nose with irritating vapors that drive the rodent out of the area. Shake-Away’s Rodent Repellent granules are infused with a blend of natural oils that rodents can not stand.  The scent of the oils irritates the rodent’s olfactory system and causes them to move away from the area treated with the Shake-Away granules.  Importantly, the same vapors are pleasing to humans!   Shake-Away will be doing its job chasing off pest rodents while at the same time causing the treated area smell fresh to humans.

Shake-Away is All Natural and Safe

Tip #3: Use Shake-Away Animal Repellents in areas too sensitive for harsh chemical repellents.  Shake-Away products are 100% natural and will not cause harm to your plants, your pets or your family.  Other repellents may caution you about using their product around plants you plan to eat – not so with Shake-Away.  You can use it right up until harvest time.  Afraid that chemical repellents will burn up or destroy your plants? Not Shake-Away, it is safe to use around all of your prized flowers and plants.

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