Top 3 Most Dreaded Spring Time Yard Pests

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air!  That is a good thing, but it also means that in addition to the wonderful new buds and blossoms the dreaded animal pests that become active when the weather warms are on the move.  Below are some of the worst of the worst springtime yard pests and what you can do about them.


Springtime means that woodchucks become more active and females move above ground with their chucklings close by.  Though often cute to watch, woodchucks can reek havoc on your yard.  They dig holes large enough to not only ruin the look of your yard but also cause you serious injury.

Getting Rid of Woodchucks

Your instinct may be to attempt to fill in the woodchuck’s holes in your yard, but that is a very ineffective approach.  Woodchucks are incredible diggers and will not hesitate to re-open a filled-in hole.

The best approach to get rid of woodchucks is to convince them that their natural predator is nearby.  That trick can be accomplished with an all natural woodchuck repellent like Shake-Away.


Moles are nearly-blind rodents that burrow and tunnel just underneath the surface of your yard.  Additionally, they are notorious for destroying the health of your lawn grass and even your garden vegetables.  Moles become active in the springtime and you may see the evidence of their tunnels and mounds as soon as the ground thaws.

Mole Control

Like other rodents and small animals, moles have a sensitivity to certain scents and will avoid areas where those scents are present.  Keeping moles out of your yard may be as easy as treating the mole’s habitat with an all natural, scent based repellent like Shake-Away Rodent Repellent.

Feral Cats

Spring time means mating time for your neighborhood’s cat population.  Few animals can make a more annoying noise than cats when they are fighting over potential mates.  Likewise, few animals can leave such a disgusting mess and smell as a stray cat when it has decided to use your yard or garden as a litter box.

Keeping Cats Out of Your Yard

One of a cat’s destructive behaviors is urinating to mark its territory.  Cats are sensitive to the scent of potential rivals and of potential predators such as coyotes and fox.  ou claiming your yard as the territory of a predator that interloping cats fear will convince them to move on to safer grounds.  Shake-Away Domestic Cat Repellent does just that by utilizing the power of each Fox and Coyote urine and placing it a formula that is easy for you to apply.

Keeping your springtime from being ruined by pest animals may be easier than you think. Preserve your lawn and garden this spring by identifying pest animals and utilizing an effective strategy to be rid of them.

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