Top 5 Garden Plants that Attract Rabbits

Rabbit RepellentThe rabbit has been a longtime foe of those who wish to cultivate nice-looking gardens. Cute though they may be, they can be destructive pests. A single rabbit can decimate an ornamental or vegetable garden overnight. Killing the animals is a solution that is often recommended, but there are more effective methods for those who prefer to get rid of rabbits without causing them harm. One of the ways involves knowing about the plants that are growing in a yard where there is a rabbit problem. Rabbits are herbivores and can eat a wide variety of plants, but they do have preferences. Certain plants in a garden or its vicinity may actually be attracting them. Among the common plants that attract rabbits are:

1. Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)

While many plants in a typical vegetable garden are at risk to be eaten by rabbits, they are notoriously fond of spinach; this makes growing the vegetable difficult in areas where they are overpopulated. If a homeowner comes outside to find their entire spinach crop has disappeared overnight, rabbits have to be fingered as the likely culprits.

2. Peas (Pisum sativum)

They are particularly interested in the young leaves and sprouts from these plants. Along with spinach, these are among the best forms of rabbit bait a homeowner can have in their yard.

3. Beets (Beta vulgaris)

This is another vegetable known to attract the pests. The tops are particularly interesting to them.

4. The Perennial Sweet Pea (Lathyrus latifolius)

This plant likes warm weather and will bloom for about two months in the summer. The sweet peas are often used for ground cover because they are hardy and able to withstand summertime droughts. While there is not a lot of plant life that is safe from rabbits, they particularly love tender shoots and the Sweet pea generates a lot of them.

5. Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea)

Many people like the brilliant purple and white blooms of this climbing plant. Rabbits are fond of it, too. A homeowner who plants seedlings with the expectation of having morning glories decorating their fence or trellis may awake to find their hopes dashed.

Rabbit Removal Methods

Liquid repellents are often messy to apply and get washed away every time it rains. Killing rabbits is ineffective and inhumane since it is impossible to keep up with their rate of reproduction. Barriers also often fail to keep rabbits out, so what is the answer?

Shake-Away: An Effective, Natural Rabbit Repellent

Rabbit in Yard

Get Rabbits Out of Your Yard

Not only will Shake-Away keep rabbits out without causing them harm, it will do so without putting pets and children in danger. How does it work? Shake-Away rabbit repellent works along the same lines as the urine attractants hunters use to attract deer. Instead of emitting a scent that would tempt the rabbits to mate, it instills fear. Rabbits are timid animals and rely heavily on their sense of smell to avoid their predators, which includes foxes. The scent of fox urine is the active ingredient in Shake-Away and when the granules are sprinkled around a yard, it creates the illusion that there is a fox nearby. The presence of a fox indicates to the rabbit that it is in danger and its instinctive, fearful reaction to this danger is to flee. Fear is the rabbit’s primary method of protecting itself and Shake-Away allows homeowners to use it to their benefit.


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