Top 5 Web Resources for Repelling Animals Naturally

Top 5 Web Resources for Repelling Animals Naturally

Animal Free Flower Garden

Animal Free Flower Garden

As a homeowner or gardener, you work hard to care for your house, to create a beautiful lawn, and nurture the plants in your garden. You look forward to enjoying the fruits of your harvest in the relaxing comfort of your home. Nothing is more frustrating, therefore, than to discover that a mole has left your lawn in a lumpy mass of furrows, a squirrel has gnawed through your home’s wiring, or a deer has eaten your tender plants before they have a chance to develop. You want to get rid of these animal pests from your yard, home, and garden, but you want to do so humanely. Here are five top web resources that can help you find effective ways to to repel these animals naturally.

1. The National Pesticide Information Center sponsors this site. It is an expert, authoritative resource that contains a large section on dealing with problem wildlife in the garden and yard. In addition to offering general tips, a nice feature of the site is that it provides many links to academic, research, and government institutions that contain information on specific types of wildlife. You can familiarize yourself with range, habitat and behavior, as well as learn about damage control methods and university research-tested ways to repel these animal pests.

2. The National Gardening Association site contains a great deal of gardening information, including a large research section. The Pest Control Library is a comprehensive list of virtually every known pest problem in North America, including photos (mug shots) and descriptions of behavior and effective repellents. Descriptions are helpful, but do not go in-depth. Good, succinct information.

3. This Earth Easy website was founded by a former Natural History Museum Director who has a passion for

sustainable living, with contributions from writers who are strong promoters of environmental awareness. Guides and blogs are available on a number of topics, all with an organic gardening and environmental sustainability focus. Although most of the site relates to general environmental growing and other matters, it does contain a large section on natural pest control, which includes information on repelling pests such as deer, moles, and rodents, using non-toxic and homemade remedies.

4. Growing Anything is a comprehensive web guide to organic gardening and landscaping. The section on organic control of pests includes information on everything from snails and bugs to deer and raccoons. Several levels and types of control are offered, and suggestions are accompanied by pictures, design plans, and reference links. Written by a team of Certified Master Gardeners, the site allows reader comments and includes a section to share information, ask questions, provide feedback, and upload helpful pictures. The site is fairly new and some sections are still in progress, but there is plenty of helpful information on repelling animals naturally.

5. Garden Guides offers a range of gardening advice, including practical information on how to repel animals such as raccoons, moles, and rodents. Helpful how-to videos and pictures are included, and there is an online message board where readers can contribute their ideas and personal experience. The site is somewhat limited to gardening-related pests, and the placement of advertising is a bit distracting, but there is plenty of good information available from fellow gardeners and landscaping experts.

Bonus Resource – A product based website offering a variety of 100% all natural solutions such as woodchuck repellent, cat repellent and more. ┬áThe products offered on the site offer a 100% money back guarantee and are endorsed by OMRI – the Organic Material Review Institute.

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