Top Strategies for Getting Rid of Moles



Moles can cause damage to Yards and Gardens

Moles are a subterranean species of rodent that are found across most of North America, Europe, and Asia. Many different species of the mole exist, but they all share the common behavior of digging tunnels under the ground on which your lawn and garden are planted. Although these small mammals help to hunt the insect pests that damage your lawn, the tunnels they dig can negate any damage that they may have prevented. There are many ways to be rid of these tunneling creatures, from poison and traps, to expensive pest control. This article is intended to help you to choose which mole control option is the best fit for your situation.

Poisons as Mole Control

The range of poisons available for removing moles and other pests from your yard can be confusing; choosing poison as a solution can damage other animals in your yard, as well as ruining some grass, and putting your family at risk of coming in contact with the toxin. Should you choose to use a poison to get rid of moles  in your yard, you should also be prepared to deal with the removal of the bodies of any mole which found it’s way to the surface.

Traps to Get Rid of Moles

A Mole Trap

A Mole Trap

Many people choose to lay traps in order to control the mole population on their property, but doing so can be a tedious task that requires time, patience, and a bit of luck. Luring moles to a trap requires the purchase or construction of the trap itself, as well as a baiting of the trap. This can be effective but there is always a chance the mole will not take the bate. After the mole is trapped you must find a way to remove the animal to a brand new habitat. Trapping also comes with the risk of having the animal finding its way back to your property.

Mole Removal Services

Many pest control services have a good record when it comes to handling mole infestations, but such services can costs a lot of money and cannot guarantee success. With a ground-dwelling animal like the mole, the control specialist may struggle to find the pests in order to remove them. Unless your lawn is suffering from a severe mole problem, the pest control may not be a good investment.

Shake-Away Mole Repellent

Shake-Away Mole Repellent

Get Rid of Moles Naturally

Shake-Away is an all-organic, non-poisonous mole repellent and is designed specifically to repel moles from your lawn and garden. It is safe to use around your family, pets, and the plants of your lawn. Shake-Away is simple to use, you simply shake the granules in the area that you wish to protect from moles invading, and the scent of a natural predator will keep the moles away. This Shake-Away product is not only guaranteed to work, but is also completely natural and will not cause damage to any of the life in or around your lawn.

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