Understanding Rat Behavior and How to Use It to Your Advantage

Rat Infestation is Avoidable Problem

Rat Infestation is Avoidable Problem

Rats are destructive and dirty creatures that are awful pests. They pose a potential health risk as they are known to carry diseases including e. coli, tuberculosis, salmonella, cryptosporidiosis, and Weil’s disease. If you have seen rats in your yard or home, have observed their droppings, or have noticed others signs of their presence, you need to act quickly in order to rid your home of these pests. Better understanding common rat behavior will allow you to remove rats from your house and yard while also preventing future rat problems.

There are several species of rats around the world, but the one that most frequently infests homes is the Norway rat. They grow to anywhere from 13 to 18 inches including their tails of up to 8.5 inches. They generally weigh about 11 ounces and have coarse, mostly brown fur. These rodents have a rather limited sense of sight, but they use their other senses to keenly observe their environment.

Keep Rats Away by Eliminating Food Sources

Rats are constantly on the search for food and will eat just about anything. For this reason, it is important to implement good sanitation practices. Be especially aware of how you bag and handle garbage since rats love to search through the trash for food. An open trash can in your yard is a dinner invitation for rats, so be sure that all garbage bags are securely tied and that your trash cans are completely sealed.

Rat Control Through Yard Maintenance

Eliminate Rat Problems

Eliminate Rat Problems

Removing clutter in your yard that rats can use as shelter is also an effective way to keep them away from your home. Remove rubbish piles that may have accumulated in your yard. Compost piles can also become havens for rats if you are adding the wrong types of food to them. Attend to any dripping pipes quickly since these make perfect water sources for rats. The rodents may infest garden or storage sheds, so check them regularly for signs of infiltration such as gnaw marks or scratching.

Avoid Rat Problems by Sealing Up Access Points

Rats are rather resourceful creatures and can get into your home through surprisingly small entrances. Any opening larger than ¼ inch can be a rat’s door to your house. Inspect your home for any cracks, holes, gaps, or drains that could be letting rodents in and seal them as securely as possible.

Some folks believe that having a pet dog or cat in the house or yard will scare rats away, but they often build nests beneath doghouses because they can easily access the dog’s food and water from there. Traps and rodent poison can be effective, but rats memorize their environment quickly and are cautious when encountering new objects such as traps.

One effective way of getting rid of rats is using Shake Away rodent repellent. This natural product uses a strong scent that is pleasant to humans but is irritating to a rat’s strong sense of smell. Instead of trying to trick the rodents into entering a trap or eating poison, Shake Away uses their own keen senses against them to help you to get rid of rats.


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