Wild Animals In Your Yard, What To Do and When to Call Animal Control

Animals Invading Your Lawn & Garden?

Animals Invading Your Lawn & Garden?

Wild animals rightfully belong in the wild or when in an urban setting, in a zoo and not in your yard. These critters will wreck havoc on your lawn by ruining your plants, flowers and vegetables by feeding and trampling on them as well making your yard look something like a minefield riddled with small tunnels and hoof prints.

These critters are also  potential carriers of infectious diseases ( most commonly rabies ) . At worst,  wild animals may possibly even endanger the safety and well-being of you and your family.

What to do about wild animals in your yard

Squirrel on Porch

When it comes to unwanted four legged trespassers in your yard,  consider the solution regarding  these pests as you would any problem or disease. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If one critter starts visiting your yard, it is likely many more will soon follow so nip the trouble on the bud and do the following:

  • Prevent wild animals from entering your yard  – Set up fences  high enough so deer cannot jump over them ( 6 feet in height ought to be good enough ) and bury 1 foot of chicken wire running along your fence to prevent armadillo, raccoons and other critters which love to dig tunnels from entering your property.
  • If building a fence  is not feasible, consider using motion sensing oscillating sprinklers.  If there are 2 things critters dislike, it is being startled and getting doused with a jet of water. Oscillating water sprinklers do both at the same time, so this makes for an effective combination in keeping critters off your lawn.
  • Discourage critters from entering your lawn – Use animal repellent packs and shake container animal repellents, like Shake-Away Deer Repellent Pack and Shake-Away Animal Repellent. These repellent packs and shake containers are sold in different kinds depending upon the pests which invade your lawn so there are squirrel repellent packs, as well as shake containers for rabbits and and gophers.  The repellent packs and shake containers have granules which are infused with coyote or fox urine, and their scent will trigger an instinctive fear response in critters and thereby discourage them from entering your property.
  • Protect your plants and cover trash bins – One of the reasons wild animals enter your lawn is that they are hungry and want to eat anything that is readily available there. So, place small cages around your plants and cover trash bins placed in the yard. Also, do not keep a bird feeder and immediately wash and keep animal feeding trays and feeders after your pets are done eating.

When to  call animal control

Local laws as well as  city ordinances vary from one state to another when it comes to calling animal control when there are wild animals present in your yard. However, as a general rule here are a few instances wherein you may immediately seek the help of local animal control:

  • Injured animals – You may call animal control is when the animal is injured. Among the wild animals which are often injured and will come limping into your yard are deer. Deer are so skittish, that they are prone to smashing themselves against glass doors, cars, low fences and anything else that will get in their way when they are fleeing  from something and are on panic mode. Injured deer need all the help they can get , so the best thing you can do for it is call animal control.
  • When the critter is apparently rabid- Wild animals are carriers of rabies, especially foxes and feral cats. If you notice that these critters are in your lawn and are behaving rather aggressively and have that tell-tale drool and wild-eyed look in their eyes, then it is time to call the animal control people to help remove the animal from your property. Under no circumstance should anyone attempt to personally remove or trap rabid animals.
  • Fierce critters which attack -If wild animals  potentially pose  a threat to any person within the vicinity, simply letting them go away  or hiding behind closed doors will not do. Although it is not often that someone will have to deal with foxes, coyotes and even grizzlies and mountain lions in their yards, these things do happen sometimes. Immediately call for help if this situation arises.
  • Trapped critters- If you have set up traps to catch some small critters ( like raccoons, squirrels  and feral cats ), it is advisable that you do not personally handle the removal and disposal of these animals. A trapped critter is a dangerous one, since it will instinctively try to escape and defend itself when it feels cornered or threatened. Call up animal control or a local animal shelter and let them take care of the trapped critter.

Raccoon In Trash

Calling animal control should only be exercised as a final option when all else fails to get rid of the raccoon, woodchuck of other critter and when the situation requires immediate intervention for the safety not only of people but also for the benefit of the wild animal. If setting up simple measures such as building fences or using deer repellents will do the job of getting wild animals away from your yard, then calling on animal services would no longer be needed.

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